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Our Dog - Isadora aka Izzy

Isadora was born with cerebellar hypoplasia so while her legs worked, she couldn't walk straight or stand up for very long. Owing to a sick sense of humor, we named her after the dancer Isadora Duncan.
She came into our life by forced accident. While we were not sure what kind of life she would lead being unable to walk, it was fortuitous that our friends' were at a dog event and saw another dog in a special canine wheel chair.

And independence became hers.

Special needs animals are never easy. It is hard to find a sitter that is willing to put a feisty little gal like her in her wheels. Also, they had to learn to understand her whines. One for water, one for needing to go outside to the bathroom and another for attention. We did have a few friends that were able to help, but understanding the burden, she began to travel with us.
Oh the places she went:
Cape Cod
Ithaca, NY
Washington DC
Atlanta, GA
Cary, NC

Lots of these we went to more than once. She loved to ride in the car.

Recent posts

Koko the Gorilla

Koko the Gorilla who was taught to communicate with sign language passed away in her sleep at 46 years old.
This is sad news indeed as every video I have ever seen showed her intelligence, her compassion and all the love she had to give. It also reminds us that we have much in common with our primate cousins.

Godspeed Koko, may your legacy live on.

Koko and Robin Williams

Koko and her kittens

May your day be golden.
Cheers! MissFifi

Look at Me!

I decided to give writing an opinion piece a go on the Medium website.

My piece is about perimenopause and her symptoms titled "The Perils of Pause". Looks like 3 people have read it so hooray for me! I would like to get 10 people total, aim high right?, so please check it out if you can and clap for me. And if you can get me to more than that I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. 😁

Thanks and enjoy this magnificent video by Sonseed. Clearly they were inspired by punk/ska bands.

May you have a choice day.



My garden has been in process for some time. We expanded it and I am attempting to grow things from seeds. This includes purple dark opal basil, zinnia, chamomile, chives, dill, beets, zucchini, cucumbers, watermelon and various sunflower seeds. I hope it all takes but I have always had a hit or miss with seeds. It is alright, gotta give it a try right? All the photos below are of the established blooms and one's getting ready to bloom.

 Astilbe is so pretty. Like a giant feather.
 The smell of the sweet willam is heavenly. 

Mint for everyone!
Thanks to all the interior design books I have been reading ,I have been adding sweet colorful touches throughout my home. Below is a small arrangement I did. 

On a whim I used vinca as the greenery. and will continue to do so as I have so much of it! Now I must  admit I don't recall what the yellow flowers are. They smell delightful and thankfully I have a fair amount of them in the garden.

And speaking of interior design books, my curr…