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Ask A Mortician

Death has always been viewed as mysterious, scary, horrible and costly. I admit that I have always been fascinated by the interpretations of the Grim Reaper, cemeteries and death rituals. It does not mean I do not fear dying, most of us do, but I try to see it as more as a completion of my legacy in the natural order of things.

We have talked to our son about death because he sees roadkill and watches Monster Bug Wars. We tell him "things go back to the earth" so he has an understanding that everything is connected. We have also discussed religious rituals as well. He likes to visit cemeteries and is fascinated by the information on tombstones. He asks about how people have died and how old they were. We hesitated telling him children were there, but he took it in stride as only a 5 year old can.

Death should be respected and its rituals are important.

Caitlin Doughty, mortician extraordinaire and death positive activist, would like us to know more about these worldwide ritua…

We Need More Kids Like This

Compassionate, smart and willing to do something.

This 11-Year-Old Girl Invented a Device That Detects Lead in Water
Consider me part of the group who is exhausted and disgusted by the daily goings on of DC. With that, instead of using this blog space to get angry or spewing mad, I want to promote things that people can and should appreciate. 
Art crosses all boundaries. Whether it is a painting by Matisse or a local artist, a quilt made by your great grandmother in Kentucky or a sculpture you made in art class, these things bring people together and we need that more than being divisive. I consider books, movies and play doh art so you will see all sorts of goodies featured. 
Let's begin:
A dear friend and very talented lady, Filomena Jack quilts, paints, photographs and exists for all to enjoy. Check out her work at Filomena Jack Studio.
I love people that street knit or crochet. Basically, they may create an activist sign out of yarn or make a bikini and put it on a statue.…