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A Film, Deep Thinking, a Recipe and a Gift

Took our son to see his first movie which was "Coco". This was a win-win for him and myself as we both love the topic of Death. The film, entrenched in the rituals of Dia de los Muertos and family, was magical, moving, filled with wonderful music. Watching the movie I felt that Dia de los Muertos is a good way to help children see death in a better light and show how to celebrate those that have gone before. A few times I choked up, giving into tears at the end. I recommend this film highly. I will say there is a 20 minute Frozen short prior that we could have all done without though.

Mallence Bart Williams rips the face off charity and do-gooder feeling and explains/shows what over exploitation looks like.  You can read the article here to learn more about "Sharity, Not Charity."

Mother Earth News has a hazelnut cornmeal cake with rosemary honey that looks delicious.

Uncommon Goods sells Yoga Joes. Very cute!


The Great Jack 'O Lantern Blaze

We took our son to a fabulous event in Croton-on-Hudson, NY (Westchester County) called The Great Jack 'O Lantern Blaze. It runs from the end of September to the weekend of Thanksgiving.

Artists begin working on this event as far back as July! Every single pumpkin is hand carved, some are real some are fake, to create a magical scene.

We went to the 5pm show this past Thursday. The event sells out quickly so thanks to the NJ teacher convention, our so was off for 2 days which meant we were able to go during the week.

Our son raced through through excited to see the next thing so it took us all of 30 minutes, but if you do take your time, you should need about 45 minutes to one hour for the event. They have a beer stand and 2 food stands as well where you can get pumpkin pie, popcorn, pumpkin ale and hot chocolate. They also have Blaze merchandise.

I will admit it was amazing in the dusk, but as it got darker it really became something to see!

Here are some pictures.

 An homage to …

Yeah, I know, I said no politics...

But John Oliver rocks. 

And to lighten things up, ArtNews did an article 3 years ago on the 10 best cat paintings. Enjoy!
Cheers! MissFifi

Ask A Mortician

Death has always been viewed as mysterious, scary, horrible and costly. I admit that I have always been fascinated by the interpretations of the Grim Reaper, cemeteries and death rituals. It does not mean I do not fear dying, most of us do, but I try to see it as more as a completion of my legacy in the natural order of things.

We have talked to our son about death because he sees roadkill and watches Monster Bug Wars. We tell him "things go back to the earth" so he has an understanding that everything is connected. We have also discussed religious rituals as well. He likes to visit cemeteries and is fascinated by the information on tombstones. He asks about how people have died and how old they were. We hesitated telling him children were there, but he took it in stride as only a 5 year old can.

Death should be respected and its rituals are important.

Caitlin Doughty, mortician extraordinaire and death positive activist, would like us to know more about these worldwide ritua…

We Need More Kids Like This

Compassionate, smart and willing to do something.

This 11-Year-Old Girl Invented a Device That Detects Lead in Water
Consider me part of the group who is exhausted and disgusted by the daily goings on of DC. With that, instead of using this blog space to get angry or spewing mad, I want to promote things that people can and should appreciate. 
Art crosses all boundaries. Whether it is a painting by Matisse or a local artist, a quilt made by your great grandmother in Kentucky or a sculpture you made in art class, these things bring people together and we need that more than being divisive. I consider books, movies and play doh art so you will see all sorts of goodies featured. 
Let's begin:
A dear friend and very talented lady, Filomena Jack quilts, paints, photographs and exists for all to enjoy. Check out her work at Filomena Jack Studio.
I love people that street knit or crochet. Basically, they may create an activist sign out of yarn or make a bikini and put it on a statue.…

Instant Gratification

As I weeded around my yard today I thought of something a neighbor recently said. "I love that I can instantly see the results of my hard work."
In a world where instant results are de rigeur, I agree that some garden work especially eradicating weeds, can feed that desire better than anything.

My garden areas still need a lot of work. I weeded around my lavender plants today and pruned them. They look better and I got that self satisfaction my neighbor referred to.

About two weeks ago I laid down newspapers over a large weedy area in the soon to be expanded flower garden. I still have more to do, but what I did do felt like such an accomplishment. Funny how laundry has never given me the same feeling...

My son spotted a hummingbird moth at rest on one of the sage plants yesterday and I got a photo. I love these insects and have never seen one just chilling out.

Let's talk about an epic I just finished.

I never had John Steinbeck assigned to me for English. Some of you a…

Sometimes You Need A Good Cry

Saw this video on Going Gently and after crying figured I should post it as well.


Irish pensioner living in a 280-year-old cottage with no modern conveniences

Irish pensioner who lives like we all used to back in the day. Good for her. Read here.

Sometimes it is best to disconnect. To get back to the land, to remove ourselves from the news, read a book, or just take a walk and be present.

Side note: I have to admit that running water and flush toilets are my most favorite inventions so camping is clearly out for me. :)

Have a great day.