Thursday, January 7, 2016

Your Body

Thanks to The Magic School Bus on Netflix our son is getting his science fill. He is also now obsessed with red blood cells and asks about them everyday. As someone who loves anatomy and diseases this makes me giddy. To feed this interest I went on YouTube and found some very interesting videos, created by MagicBox Animation, geared towards preschoolers. I highly recommend them if your child has any inklings to learning more about their body.

I also grabbed my Trail Guide to the Body book so we can check out the skeleton and muscles. 

While I know this interest in the body may not last, his interest in all things science is a good thing so we will continue to feed the beast as much as we can. :)



  1. Love the veddy posh accent on the video!

    My daughter was always fascinated by the sciences and the human body and always corrected people who refused to use the proper names for body parts (still grinds her teeth at people who don't). I'm very glad she has retained that interest and hope your son does as well.

  2. Anatomy is fascinating and I wish they taught it in school for the youngsters.
    Yeah, some of the names for child's privates never made sense to me. Call things what they are for goodness sake!!