Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Good Dogs Indeed

As someone who lost both their parents in a six month span to the big C and worked with Hospice patients, I applaud any methods we can cultivate to detect cancer cells brewing their madness. What a world it would be if we could turn cancer into a manageable, chronic disease. Sure it may kill you eventually, but wouldn't it be nice to live another 20-30 years in good health because you caught it in Stage 0 or 1?  Okay, maybe not everyone agrees on that, but what we should agree on is the work that the In Situ Foundation has been doing for over a decade.
Dogs have long been known to be able to smell an epileptic fit, PTSD attack, asthma and various other incidents right before they happen. Seems they also have an excellent nose for detecting cancer. Here is another link to a dog named Stewie.

I found this note on one of the videos for the Australian Shepherd Katy as very interesting and promising.

This is one of InSitu's most fastidious cancer detection dogs, Katy. She always works like this... driven, non-distracted, serious and motivated-- all qualities of a great cancer detection dog. Katy has detected breast, lung, ovarian, brain, in situ ductal carcinoma, melanoma, bone, and almost all types of cancer. She was only trained on ovarian cancer, and was able to detect on all other types of cancer with no further training. This suggests that there is a common odor among different types of cancer. More data needs to be collected on this subject, but we have strong evidence that there is a common odor to different types of cancer.

Breakthrough stuff right there. Here's to hoping they get funding and approval when the time comes. We all know the FDA and whatnot can be a real pain in the ass with this type of shit. And don't get me started, that would take up waaaay too much space.\

The other awesome tidbit I left out is that most of these dogs came from Death Row. Yes, shelter dogs. We should thank those that rescued them and helped these animals find their true purpose.


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