Monday, January 11, 2016


Talk about a serious creative genius. I was lucky enough to see him perform twice. It was a privilege I have never forgotten. I feel for his family as the loss of a loved one, no matter the age or how prepared you may think you are because of long-term illness, is always difficult and heart breaking. Hopefully, over time, they find comfort in the memories they have of the person they knew and loved and the incredible music/arts legacy he leaves behind.

Head bowed,


  1. I never saw him perform because I was afraid to...I want/ed to keep my vision of him, his life, his talent, his genius unaltered by reality! Gawd, usually celebrity deaths don't affect me, but boy oh boy, his sure does.

  2. An eclectic genius, I mourn his passing.

  3. Trust me Carol, the reality was just as magnificent as the vision you had of him. :)

    His death has profoundly affected so many people. I hope that brings some comfort to his family.