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And a Happy New Year

Welcome 2016. Lots of people are rooting for you so there is a lot of pressure on you. We understand it is tough, but I think you can do it. How about more humanity and less war? Tall order? I am sure, but a little goodwill in the world makes us all feel better so work on it best you can. Believe me when I say that most of us would appreciate that. Thanks.

Things have been busy at MissFifi's casa just like everywhere else. Allow me to bullet point for you all.

  • My query letter is being reviewed before being sent to out to various agents in the hopes that I can get my novel published. I feel excited, anxious, panicky and jazzed. Probably all the right emotions so hooray for me.
  • My hubby built this awesome coffee table from a project at Lowe's.

  • We hosted our son's 4th birthday and I have to give a serious shout out to Penguin Ice Cream for the delicious robot cake. We totally did not get a picture so sorry about that, but the crowd loved it, especially the adults. As for the penne vodka, eggplant rollatini, sausage and peppers and chicken parm, thank you Sergio's of Denville. Hands down it was the best rollatini I have ever had in my life. 
  • My hubby and I have altered our way of eating and while I miss having a sleeve of JoJo's, Trader Joe's version of Oreos. FYI - You will never eat an Oreo again after having one, trust me. I feel much better and the lack of massive amounts of sugar is the cause of that. On the flip-side....
  • I have been diagnosed with esophagitis, gastritis and a hiatal hernia. Happy New Year and welcome to being in your 40's. My daily cup of tea is no more, I had no alcohol on New Year's and a small amount yesterday. My son and I have been devouring oranges, but it seems citrus is a bad thing too. I have to watch spicy and I still do my best to avoid dairy. You can heal the inflammation by avoiding foods that can cause pain or damage. Mine is not the textbook stuff, of course not because my health history has proven I am always a freak in that world, so I just try and pay attention to my body even more closely than before. Does it suck? Yes, but it is far from the end of the world.
  • I finally bought slippers. This may not seem momentous to you, but it is and I am wearing my dearfoams now and typing at a giddy speed.
  • Currently I am reading "A Manual for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories" by Lucia Berlin. I had heard about her on NPR and she is somewhat under the radar to most folks and is considered a female Raymond Carver. I admit I tried to read Carver, I recall liking some of his work. As for Lucia, so far so good so I have high hopes here.
  • I have been sucked into watching "Nurse Jackie", "John Adams", "Doc Martin", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "American Horror Story Coven". When do I even watch these? In spurts. Usually when I am cooking. It really depends on my mood and I choose one and enjoy. Thank you Netflix and Amazon Prime. 
  • Saw The Danish Girl. LOVED IT SO MUCH. The actor who plays Hans, Matthias Schoenaerts, keep an eye on him. Pure charisma.

That's all folks!



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