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A Month Has Passed

And much has gone on my friends.

The day I finished my fantasy novel, "Deconstructing Angels", I whooped so loud I scared my dog. I currently have about four people reading the book to inform me of plot holes, loves and hates so I can revise and send out the best possible novel. Since I need to wait on the feedback, I have decided to forge ahead and get in the process, the serious nail biting process, of writing my query letter and synopsis for "After The Fall". When they are complete I will send them to a professional to be edited.
This means I now have a serious amount of panicky writer's block and low self esteem.

Cue Dickens, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

Even though I am struggling, I will get it done. The challenge is exciting, but man I hate the fact that this is making my brain twist itself into unintelligible knots! I can barely think straight at times and when I do I stumble over my own ideas. It is frustrating and makes one question if they are in the right field.
Thankfully there are tons of blogs written by various writers, agents and editors with all sorts of tips and guidelines which are incredibly informative. From the library I got Chuck Sambuchino's book, Get a Literary Agent, to help me understand better what is required of me and stop fumbling in my head. Truth is, I am hoping osmosis will compel a brilliant query. Ha! If only...
I am certain the genius or the faking of such a thing is in me, I just have to get it out. Extractions of all kinds will be happening and that may not be a pretty picture, but hey this is my small arena.

On the upside, I have been living a life

I went to an actual movie theater, I know, I know, and saw the movie Suffragette and thought it was brilliant. Too many people, women especially, have no idea what our sex went through just to get the right to be heard in a voting booth. The shocking part to me is at the end of the film where they list the countries and dates for when women get to vote. Saudi Arabia just allowed voting. In 2015.

In other earth shattering news, I just finished reading a book. An adult book. Hooray for me! While I have enjoyed many a children's book over the years, if you have not read Max the Brave to your little person, you must! I am happy to read one for me, myself and I.
Through some weird rabbit hole, I found out about this birthed genius named Taylor Wilson. I then found out he had a biography and had to check it out. I must applaud author Tom Clynes for making physics and everything else science-y readable for a lay person. Taylor's parents really had to find ways to feed his passion for nuclear fission as well as make sure their other son, who happens to be a math genius, gets the proper schooling as well. These are problems I am glad I do not have. LOL The public school system does get questioned and battered a little in this book and rightly so. One of my biggest peeves is throwing money at a school district, Newark NJ anyone?, expecting it to be a panacea for all the prior mishaps. We have all been told that poor children, middle class children, rich children, everyone deserves an excellent education. I agree, but right now our schools have the mentality that middle of the road teaching works best. Nope. Nada. No way. Kids get lost when they are in poverty and they get lost when they are bored due to the fact they need more mental stimulation. Some schools are trying to conform lessons around each individual child's needs. That will not be easy, but it is a start. I always felt grammar and middle school should be more like college. You have four core courses; Math, Science, English and History. After that it is up to the student what they want to take. Some may want more math or science, others may request sculpture or auto shop. This would mean a major dismantling of the schools system as it is now and I firmly believe too many people would be aghast at such a suggestion. Also, I am not in education so I would be considered an arty farty writer freak who should go sit down. Though me at a Town Hall meeting would be pretty entertaining for everyone.
Excuse my digression. Bottom line, if you are looking for an interesting read, I highly recommend The Boy Who Played With Fusion.

Have a spectacular day.



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