Monday, October 26, 2015

When You Grow Out of Things

Not your actual clothes, but the style, books, music movies and other facets of culture.

Some years back a friend of mine decided she wanted to re-read some classics. She had always been a fan of The Great Gatsby. From what I recall, she was not as much of a fan when she returned to all things Nick Carraway. There is something disappointing about something you once loved falling short on the second go around. For me it was "Catcher in the Rye". There seemed something trite about Holden Caufield when I was no longer a rebellious teen/young adult. I am not saying Salinger sucks before someone gets all upset, I am just saying, that book was good for me at a prior point in my life, but not now.

Sex and The City. I hear shrieks across the Universe. On a whim I decided to rewatch it and while I am almost done with Season 2, I have to say, Carrie Bradshaw is one of the more annoying, least empowering women characters ever presented. This is nothing about SJP personally, just the character she played. I found myself rolling my eyes about her ridiculous shoe habit, her smoking habit, her whining and her horrible outfits. I never liked how she dressed and could not for the life of me understand everyone drooling over Patricia Field's "fashion eye". For real??? Explain this mess to me, please? Howdy to my old boss Mr. Bon Jovi.

Ugly outfits aside, each woman on the show had positives and negatives, but Carrie pushed me over the edge numerous times throughout. Also the idiot writers using Suffern, NY for Aidan's cabin and calling it country. Suffern happens to be right over the border from New Jersey and trust me, is not as country as say the Catskills area or Adirondacks. This was just sheer laziness. Yet I continue to watch.

Embracing the 80's look. The latest fashion crazy is wearing leggings and having fringe on everything. Someone get me the aqua net! Yes, I was a tween/teen in the 80's so it is a been there done that and to be honest some of it was ugly the first time. Leggings are not horrible, but how people wear them are.

I can no longer listen to Led Zeppelin really. I blame the old 92.3 in NYC for that. They played them every hour sometimes every half hour. I liked their music, but it has been a long time since I went out of my way to purposely listen to one of their songs. There are other bands I just downright hate, but that's another post.

A list of things that I have semi grown out of recently.

NYC. Have lived next to NYC all my life. It is now this uber expensive place in almost every area. I miss the grittiness, the sex shops, the dirty low down clubs, but I understand change happens. I am all for a better, safer NYC, but with that has come housing price points the average human being will not make as a salary in their lifetime. We still visit, but each time I wait for the bridge to cost close to twenty bucks soon. Damn shame.

Frugal living/Simple Living Blogs. This is an arena where you need to find the ones that suit you best. In my case, I messed that up for awhile and was all over the place. Some blogs are extreme frugal living while others have ti down to a nice science. Parts of living a frugal/simple lifestyle work for me, but not every part. In our house we like to eat out and I like to have my eyebrows done. Does it put us in the poor house? No, so I will not feel guilty when I don't want to cook and prefer to order in sushi.
As an aside, I feel bad for so many readers of these blogs who comment. Some are in real tough economic times and advising someone to just grow tomatoes is not going to pay their electric bill, especially if they already do grow their own food. This is why I pared down my frugal living blogs to those that offer sound advice and I am glad I did. I highly recommend Assortment, Frugal Queen or Down to Earth in case you need someplace to start.

Food Blogs. This is also an area I had to pare down. There are so many good ones out there, but what's the point of me keeping it just for the pretty pictures? Allow me to ask though, what is with the incessant amount of ingredients for simple things like cookies? Scones? Chocolate chip loaves? I love the exotic as much as the next person, but sometimes you just want something you can use. I am happy to browse, but am no longer bookmarking in that category.

So there's my list. Nothing earth shattering or exciting, but it is funny how one has to literally decide what to do with their time on the internet. I even forget I have a Pinterest account sometimes. LOL Good times.

Have a wonderful evening.


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