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When anyone has a child you accumulate clothing like a squirrel accumulates food for the winter. Okay, stupid analogy, but the truth is our son has been fortunate enough to get a lot of nice clothes during his three and a half years here on earth. While we have donated quite a bit and passed stuff onto friends, I admit I wanted to get a little bank back for some of the things we have purchased. A friend had recommended consignment, but around our area if it is not high end labels like Jacadi or even Janie and Jack, they will not even look at the items. One place even had Ferragamo shoes for a four year old. No, I am not kidding. So for those of us who chose to dress our kids in Gymboree and not Ralph Lauren cashmere, there is a place called Once Upon A Child. You bring in bags or bins and they go through and see what they will purchase and give you cash on the spot. The two times I used the location in Fairfield, NJ I got $13 and $25 bucks. Not much to write home about, but it is something.
A new location opened about twenty minutes away so I decided to give it a shot. The reviews I read on Google and Yelp were not all that great, but I figured I would take a chance. Now, each place is owned individually so while I am sure there are standards to what they will take, I was hopeful the booster seat, unopened swim floaty and barely worn winter boots would be a hit. My bin and small bag which had lots of nice clothes was probably worth close to $250.
I made $3.70.
They took one pair of Stride Rite shoes and one pair of Carter's pajamas.
The look on my face when the young woman told me there was a stain on the booster seat and that they could not take infant stuff unless it was an actual outfit was incredulous. When she asked if I wanted to "cash out", like it was some big ass win, or take the items back I took the $3.70. I wasted more in gas getting there then they paid me. That was a serious waste of my time. Best part is, I watched them hand other people back full bins of decent stuff and one guy brought in a beautiful hand painted horse that they turned away because Target sells one unpainted for $65 and his was custom. What the what??
Prior to this I did walk around and to be honest, a lot of the items were not in great condition. When I checked clothes for my son, there were pilled/faded sweatshirts and t-shirts. Um, what?
Needless to say, I will make more money donating the clothing and getting a tax write off. Hell, I would get more at a yard sale. As someone pointed out in their review, this place is making a serious profit, which yes is the point of business, but low balling items that have never been worn or making up fake problems with stuff is another.
So if anyone wants a Fisher Price booster seat, that has a stain, let me know :)



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