Thursday, August 13, 2015

Delicious Dinner

Ran around today. The little man had a dentist appointment, but lo and behold, we arrived to a dark and locked office. When I called and asked what happened, they stated they were in the Warren office today. I said I was booked for Chester so they asked for my son's name, they began to apologize profusely as we should have never been booked for Warren as we never go there. The woman also remarked the "new person" who started six months ago had made quite a few of these mistakes. Not sure that person is still there, but we rescheduled for next week. I wasn't that upset about it as it was a nice day and had already planned to take our son to the park once we were done. Since we had no appointment we headed right to the playground and he ran around and exhausted himself. As we drove home he fell asleep and I was able to stop at our CSA and pick up the goodies for this week.

I had a Board Meeting at my son's preschool at 6:30 and I wanted to make dinner so using broccoli from our CSA I made a broccoli frittata. I did not have Parmigiano-Reggiano so I used a combo of sharp cheddar and horseradish cheeses.  I also cleaned and chopped the lettuce, dabbed on balsamic vinegar and plated the frittata on the side. Unbelievably Delicious. Thank you Food and Wine for this keeper of a recipe.

Until next time.


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