Monday, August 3, 2015

Busy Bee

The summer has been a serious whirlwind. Lots of yard work, outside time, day trips, ice cream...the usual.

I agreed to be the Administration Chair for my son's school and all the work that comes with that has begun. Basically, I am an Executive Assistant with voting power. Pretty nice. I get to use and hone skills that are rusty and learn more about what it takes and cost to run a small preschool. Google Docs and I have become friendlier than ever as I create memos and calendars to be distributed. I am hoping to get more stuff up online so I don't have to constantly email. We are also looking into notification systems so again, I am not emailing 28 families about inclement weather or school events.

My three year old does not necessarily enjoy it when Mommy has work to do, it is like having a mini CEO in the house. His demands must be met before I attempt the next task. Again, it pays to be an Executive Assistant as one understand the changing moods and needs of CEO's of all sizes. Though, I admit, it is easier for me to tell my little guy to settle down and hold on then to bark at a someone who runs a massive company. Not that I haven't said things like "Let me get to XYZ first before I start the other thing, then we can talk about your dinner plans." Good times.

Yesterday Master X fell asleep in the car so I took a ride through my town and ended up in area I had never been. I somehow had crossed into Lebanon Township without realizing and wound my ways to parts I did know. I wasn't concerned that I was lost. More amazed that I had no idea where I had ended up and I refuse to use GPS for something like that. I sort of knew where I was area wise, it was more like I could not figure out what town I had strolled into. LOL
As I passed a few farms, I swear I felt like I was in the Midwest somewhere what with the cornfields and old farm houses and barns.

I finally found my county road and made it home. Was a nice drive and would most likely do it again.

Our yard is ever evolving. Behind the garage I had planted a bunch of herbs and echinachea and used bricks for a border. We decided to get rid of bricks and add river rocks. I spent all of Saturday weeding and putting rocks down. I had done some of it a few weekends before, but now it is complete.

I had to use bricks and a lattice to hold the flowers up while I put the rocks underneath. They flop so damn easily, but I read that I am supposed to divide them every 3-4 years so that needs to happen this year. We are going to run the river rocks all the way down the side of the garage which will look nice as well as help with drainage. You really are always working to improve your home.

I am still working on my novel. Surprise right? With such an active kid and a wiped out Mommy by the end of the day, it has been incredibly hard to find time to write. So, I have hired a sitter and she comes this Wednesday. This can be a gift if it works out. We are going to have her for three hours and I hope to get some serious work done in that time. Once he goes back to school it is for three days a week which makes a HUGE difference, but if we can establish a relationship with the sitter, then hopefully I can use her during the school year for stuff too. Maybe, just maybe, my husband and I can go to dinner or lunch sans child. Maybe, we can travel without our dog. Perhaps I am ambitious, but a gal can dream. LOL

That's all  have for now. Everyone is beginning to stir and I was able to write a post uninterrupted. Glorious!



  1. Wow you have been busy! So good that you'll have some writing time soon.
    And your country drive photos - I thought you had been driving around where I live!!

    1. Funny how some parts of the country resemble one another :)