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We live in a 1920's bungalow. When I first saw it I saw tons of potential. I realize now that I should have been tased by someone because the myriad of problems that have come up with this little house have been staggering. Yes we had an inspection, but things still go wrong. The prior owners of 40+ years did not take care of this house one bit and did all sorts of shoddy repairs which while they looked fine, they eventually revealed themselves to be fire hazards and stupid.
Our recent issue has been those little house ants. They annoy me, but they are not making me squirm.

These sort of are: Psocids

Last night my husband tells me he sees these little spider mites crawling all over the wooden shelves he had made for our hideous pink bathroom. We both thought this was odd because we know they like plants, etc, so we looked it up and found out if there is an abundance, they can crawl through windowsills and hang out on the exterior of homes. Makes sense, but the hanging out on the wooden shelves did not, so this morning I woke up and came down to look. Little grayish bugs that one can barely see were everywhere. My husband is color blind so to him spider mites may be gray instead of red. I immediately grabbed the computer did a search and found the psocids.
Now, the bathroom they are in is not the one we will be redoing yet, though it is the one I have always believed would be done first. Instead we need to get the second floor bathroom done beforehand. The downstairs pink bathroom is a poorly ventilated nightmare and there is mold on our walls and ceiling. My husband is constantly wiping it off and we are always trying to air that bathroom out. All we have is one window and we do not always leave it open. These little psocids like to feed on mold and fungus and we have it in spades for them.
Now we have a big fan set up to help dry the bathroom and I am doing my best not to take a sledgehammer to the whole thing. Good thing we don't have one I guess.
So here it hoping the fan works and I will continue to vacuum the ants and clean away their little chemical trails to prevent others from coming on in,



  1. You know, my mother used to always say, when it rains it pours. I think that the previous home owners should be held accountable for deceiving you and your husband. It's so unfortunate that these problems were dumped on you and I sincerely hope that the vacuuming and the fan will help resolve some of these issues.

    I'm glad I found your blog today. Have a wonderful weekend... :)

  2. We have had the house now for five years and it is amazing all the stuff we have uncovered while living here. It is annoying, but I guess that is why they say "Buyer Beware"" to an extent. The woman we bought it from had owned it for about two years and she did some big changes, but overall, this house needs to be gutted in many places. Good times. :)


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