Thursday, June 11, 2015

Willowwood Arboretum

Let's face it. My home state of New Jersey does not have the best reputation. While I do not deny it's faults, the stereotypes are correct at times, the beauty of the state has never been featured.


Which sort of gets my goat because every state has areas that are deserted, flourishing, struggling and all that hovers in-between. In New Jersey's case, only the crappy areas get highlighted. Constantly.

This needs to stop and no, Housewives of New Jersey does not count as showing a "pretty" side of New Jersey.

My state has a pretty choice parks system throughout the counties. So with a lot of pride, I would like to welcome you to a place in bucolic Far Hills, NJ that is free and beautiful.

Willowwood Arboretum

The history, two brothers who wanted a country place to indulge their horticultural passions, is fascinating. The preservation is no small feat so kudos to all involved there.
My pictures will not do it justice, remember, I have a three year old. While he enjoyed himself by playing with ants and walking through the forest by the stream, we were not there for a very long time. Nevertheless, we shall return because there is more to discover as there are trails all over the place. I need to thank my neighbor who mentioned this place to me as it is a hidden gem in our area.

We did not follow the map, but the grounds have many trails and gardens are by the house. We took a turn and ended up entering by the cottage garden. I so want to do this in our yard. Magnificent.

Here we are looking at the cottage garden from the front of the Tubbs house. I need that gate.

Stag horn Ferns. I love and covet them.

Behind the Tubbs house is is the path to Pan's Garden. My son ran under this pergola made from branches. Everything is marked so you know what it is, but unfortunately I did not get a chance to see what exactly was used to construct this feature.

Very pretty stone bridge off to the side of the house in the forest.

I really want that gate.

So there you have it my friends. If you are ever in New Jersey, perhaps in the Somerset/Morris/Hunterdon Country area, you should stop by and take a gander at this beauty. Look at the maps provided and you will see just how extensive this property is. I would say it is definitely a nice way to spend the day.


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