Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nature Abounds

For some inexplicable reason, our resident Bluebird has taken to perching on every one of our first floor windows.

While he is a cute little bugger and does let us practically walk up to the window to check him out, the amount of bird poop on my window panes is becoming tiresome. I am certainly happy he is interested in what goes on in our household, who knew a bird could be a yenta?, but it is odd.

Our dog seems to be having a relapse of Lyme disease symptoms. Constant need to drink and urinate with the occasional shakes. She has a physical set for next week so unless she gets worse, I will hold out to bring her until then.

I myself an off to the doctor later as for three and a half weeks I feel as if something is stuck in my throat. No matter what I have tried, it feels like a carrot or fish bone is stuck and has cut my throat. Thanks to Dr. Google and WebMD it can be anything from a nodule to thyroid cancer. Good times. Better to have it looked at instead of assuming a few clicks has earned me the title and knowledge of MD. Will keep ya' posted.

My garden is blossoming. Or I should say gardens. Since we have been having a ridiculous amount of rain, sorry California, the weeds are having their heyday. I have never plucked so many plantains in my life. Damn things are aggravating. Though it seems one could eat them as shown here.
First shot is of the birdbath "mound" area as we call it. I need to get in there and clean it up, damn Yucca will NOT DIE!!, and make it look neater.

Here are my beautiful flowers. The orange-pinkish one with yellow tips are blanket flowers. I am so in love with them.

I am considering making a zucchini chocolate chip bread, just need to find a recipe I like.

May you all enjoy the day.


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