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Summer always seem to be a whirlwind, no? My son keeps me on my toes, more than I like to be honest, but I enjoy it because let's face it, when he is ten he will not even want people to know I am his mom and how we embarrass him. Yeah, I am so looking forward to the teen years. LOL

Our dog had to go to the vet because she began to drink water like we owned a lake and was peeing so much that she was urinating in her sleep. At first we thought it might have to do with her Lyme disease and that she was having a relapse of symptoms. After all the blood work as done and things like diabetes was ruled out we were told she may have a deficiency of diuretic hormone, say that five times fast. or the beginnings of Cushing's Disease.


Sorry to be so crass, but this blows. When humans get Cushing's, it sucks, but it can be cured if caught early enough. In dogs, it can only be managed. There is no cure for a canine's adrenal glands going haywire.


She can live another 2-3 years, but of course the medicine given for this has pretty nasty side effects. This does not surprise us, what meds are side effect proof, but I always chuckle, perhaps morbidly, when I see "death" as a side effect. I would put that on the bottle or in the pamphlet as a permanent effect, but not everyone has my humor.

So next week the pup goes in for an 8 hour Cushing's test. I can't say I want her to have either one. Listen, I know we all have to die in someway, but I guess I just wasn't prepared for this. Not yet. But then, are we ever ready to lose a pet? I think not.

I also am going to the ENT because I feel like I have had something stuck in my throat for four weeks. The GP was leaning, insisting, I had a GERD. Um, no I am eating and there is no heartburn. She then asked if I was sure I did not have any food stuck? I almost side eyed her. GP's are interesting to me because they are a middle man for so many things. Some I have had took more of an interest and understood other facets of what may be causing your ills. This current one is quick to send you off to a specialist if she is not so sure. That is all well and good, as long as my health insurance covers it all, but there are times one wants their GP a little more engaged. The one I had before this one, left due to her husband's job and we were so unhappy about her leaving, was much more involved and listened to your concerns. You were not just a list to check off, she actually was the one who suggested I may be going through perimenopause after going to her office for palpitations for like the ninth time. So it is hard to get used to someone who after a few quick generic questions, ships you off to the recommended specialist. At least she is good about referring because there are doctors who don't like to do that. Ah the US health care system, it is a pip.
Of course Dr. Google tells me I can have anything from thyroid cancer to nodules on vocal chords to throat cancer. Some cancer has symptoms similar to flu so looking online means you are always dying. I will see what happens tomorrow and keep you updated.

And now, some pretty pictures from my garden.

I may have shared this already, don't care, sharing it again. This is to the left of our front door. I just love how pretty it looks.



  1. Hey Miss Fifi - best wishes re: your pup.
    And I have GERD but get no heartburn - it also feels like there is something in my throat a lot too. Eating differently and smaller portions help. Wishing you best with this, too!


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