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No More Meds For You

So I have to stop the Clindamycin. Why you ask? Well be prepared for TMI kids. I have had persistent diarrhea for 24 hours. There is something odd about waking up at 2am to evacuate your bowels, but that is not even the best part. There was blood in my last few stools/loose poop. I don't mess around with blood being wear it should not so a call went in and I was told to stop the drug immediately.
Thank friggin' God.
There were other less annoying, but still annoying side effects like feeling a little foggy, noisy tummy and a metallic taste in my mouth. Ugh.
Anyway, because of GI issues, I will not be given another antibiotic. I am to start a bland diet and if after two days these issues do not resolve the NP wants me to see my GP and have stool samples done to make sure I did not end up with a secondary intestinal infection. C. Diff and Colitis can happen with this particular drug. Unpleasant isn't it? Oh and I also got my period so my system is just a raging hormonal, unb…

The Doctor Is In

The Nurse Practitioner I saw today was lovely. She listened to my complaints, asked about my health history, sprayed my nostrils with some gross tasting numbing stuff and stuck a scope through my nose and down my throat.


She pulled the scope and once again inquired about my tonsils. I had them removed when I was 6 years old and also had tubes in my ears. Her response to that was as follows, "Well, I am not sure if they did a partial back then, but you have your adenoids and it looks like one of your tonsils has grown back and they are all swollen. You also have acid reflux because your throat is all irritated."  She may have even explained things further and I answered, but I was so stuck on the fact that my stupid tonsil(s) grew back that I think I forgot stuff. I was prescribed Prilosec one a day and a lovely with crazy side effects antibiotic called Clindamycin.
I am going to start the regimen tomorrow and hope all goes well. Truth be told I have never h…

Just A Moment

Summer always seem to be a whirlwind, no? My son keeps me on my toes, more than I like to be honest, but I enjoy it because let's face it, when he is ten he will not even want people to know I am his mom and how we embarrass him. Yeah, I am so looking forward to the teen years. LOL

Our dog had to go to the vet because she began to drink water like we owned a lake and was peeing so much that she was urinating in her sleep. At first we thought it might have to do with her Lyme disease and that she was having a relapse of symptoms. After all the blood work as done and things like diabetes was ruled out we were told she may have a deficiency of diuretic hormone, say that five times fast. or the beginnings of Cushing's Disease.


Sorry to be so crass, but this blows. When humans get Cushing's, it sucks, but it can be cured if caught early enough. In dogs, it can only be managed. There is no cure for a canine's adrenal glands going haywire.


She can live …

Willowwood Arboretum

Let's face it. My home state of New Jersey does not have the best reputation. While I do not deny it's faults, the stereotypes are correct at times, the beauty of the state has never been featured.


Which sort of gets my goat because every state has areas that are deserted, flourishing, struggling and all that hovers in-between. In New Jersey's case, only the crappy areas get highlighted. Constantly.

This needs to stop and no, Housewives of New Jersey does not count as showing a "pretty" side of New Jersey.

My state has a pretty choice parks system throughout the counties. So with a lot of pride, I would like to welcome you to a place in bucolic Far Hills, NJ that is free and beautiful.

Willowwood Arboretum

The history, two brothers who wanted a country place to indulge their horticultural passions, is fascinating. The preservation is no small feat so kudos to all involved there.
My pictures will not do it justice, remember, I have a three year old. While he …

Nature Abounds

For some inexplicable reason, our resident Bluebird has taken to perching on every one of our first floor windows.

While he is a cute little bugger and does let us practically walk up to the window to check him out, the amount of bird poop on my window panes is becoming tiresome. I am certainly happy he is interested in what goes on in our household, who knew a bird could be a yenta?, but it is odd.
Our dog seems to be having a relapse of Lyme disease symptoms. Constant need to drink and urinate with the occasional shakes. She has a physical set for next week so unless she gets worse, I will hold out to bring her until then.
I myself an off to the doctor later as for three and a half weeks I feel as if something is stuck in my throat. No matter what I have tried, it feels like a carrot or fish bone is stuck and has cut my throat. Thanks to Dr. Google and WebMD it can be anything from a nodule to thyroid cancer. Good times. Better to have it looked at instead of assuming a few clicks h…

A Book and Rhubarb Muffins

Like a lot of people, it is no big revelation that we have bookshelves. Some books we have read, others we have intended to read and just have not gotten around to it. Case in point, Arabian Nights. Will I ever read it? Probably not, but my hubby bought and hopes to get to it one day.  There is a point here I promise. Our son likes to pull out the books, pretend to read them, then leave them all over the living room. Yesterday he pulled out Philip Roth's Portnoy's Complaint. I have never read this book. My husband has, my mother did and both of them swore it was hysterical. Since I have not been able to read library books under the wire, those 14 day loans were not meant for people with small children or at least they are a dare, I decided it would be a good idea to read something from our own personal library. So, last night, exhausted, I picked up the book and laughed my proverbial ass off. It got so bad that I had to bury my face in my pillow. This book is not for everyone …