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What Time Is It?!

For some reason our three year old has woken up at the ungodly hour of 5:45am the past two days. If spell check did not exist, there would be an ENORMOUS amount of errors throughout this post. My addled brain has things it wants to share so I am going to do that and then fight wanting to nap most of the day.

This past Christmas, a darling friend gave us a $100 gift certificate to Xaviar's Restaurant Group in New York State. We have done brunch at Restaurant X a few times and nothing compares to it anywhere. Seriously, it is that good. When a huge group of us went once, our friend informed them we were vegetarian. Apparently the cook was excited and had a good time making things for my husband and I. A few others at the table got jealous. LOL
Anyway, the hubby and I decided we would give one of the other restaurants in teh group a go so we booked the Sunday Lunch at Xaviar's at Piermont for yesterday. We dropped the little boy off at our friend's who got us the gift card since the restaurant is five minutes from their home.
The place itself is intimate with just 8 tables. The Sunday Lunch is a prix fixe menu for $40.00 and worth every single penny. The service and food are sublime. My appetizer was a spring ramp and mushroom risotto. It was the best risotto I have ever had. For my main dish I had soft shelled crab, the dish came with two, lightly fried on a bed of spinach and roasted tomatoes and avocado. I have never had anything so amazing in my life. The portions are not enormous, but we were full for the rest of the day so Brava to them. And HALLELUJAH, I finally had a Bloody Mary. Mama was VERY happy. :) So if you are going to be in the Piermont, NY area, I recommend you make a reservation and feel fancy. Oh, the other best thing, as elegant as this place was, you did not have to dress fancy and it was actually loud, not a "no talking above a whisper" kind of place which I thought was even more awesome.

My $12 drink and my was it delicious.

If you ever had the fortune or misfortune to work in the entertainment industry, as I did many moons ago, you know that what you see is not what you get with most famous people. The site Jezebel put out a call to all their readers to tell them The Best Time a Celebrity Was a Dick To You. OH YEAH. Some of these stories are hilarious, some of them make you wish you could hang out with them as your BFF, others you want to punch in the head, others blindside you with their whatfuckery and others and their self importance are not surprising at all.  What always bugged me when working in said industry was how much of the general public assumes these people are so much better and different than you. Nope. They just happen to have a more public job that pays ridiculously well. Remember, assholes are in every bleedin' industry. These tales are an eye opener for those folks wearing the rose colored "famous people are better" goggles and amusement to those of us who already know just how screwed up a lot of the famous are. I saw A LOT of band itineraries and some of their back stage/green room requests were beyond divaish-asshole behavior. Specific colors of flowers, only certain types of tea, candles, food. FYI - Those in charge of the actual venue where the performance had to have every single one of those things at the ready or else heads would roll.
The food requirements always got me because there was always an abundance and I often wondered how much of it even gets touched or thrown away.  After reading a few it made me want to grab a few of these morons and say, "You are not that important, you sing, you are not performing brain surgery."  As an aside, singer Joan Osborne's tour requests were not over the top which made her seem like the most rational human. I remember she had a request for an inordinate amount of teas, but it wasn't something impossible like everything had to be white. Yes, Someone actually had that in their backstage rider. Flowers, room, sofa, everything white. Would it surprise you that it was J Lo? Yeah, didn't think so. (I know this is not new news, but that rider is real and imagine having to get all that shit. People can be such nitwits.) Just cause your famous does not mean you should act like a tool, but I always believed if you are like that now, you have ALWAYS been that way. Fame or not.
Anyhoo, scroll right down the article to the 3700+ comments and have a freakin' ball my friends.

Well, that is all I got right now. My son just asked if we could go outside. Dear God in heaven, he wants me to get dressed. I can only answer him in Tina Belcher speak.

May you have a lovely day and may I stay awake.



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