Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Random Things

Such glorious weather these last few days. My little forget-me-nots keep popping up in different areas of where I planted them originally. I like them and wish they would bloom bigger and longer.

My son has a cold. Never fun being sick when the weather is fabulous outside, but I am hoping he will lay low, whatever that means to a 3 year old, until he is better.

I am in the middle of reading "Trigger Warning" by Neil Gaiman. A sweet collection of short stories. Joking. There is nothing sweet here so far. Honestly what goes on in that man's head is pretty impressive.  'A Lunary Labyritnh' and 'A Calendar of Tales' are favorites so far. 'The Thing About Cassandra' still has me wondering if I got it right and after a quick internet search I saw I was not alone in my wonder.
Unfortunately the book is due back Friday, so I feel like I a in a marathon rush to finish getting through all the stories. If not, I hope I can renew it, but it was a 14 day loan and I am sure there is a waiting list.

The other day I went out to my composter and spotted these little hand prints. Seems raccoons have been called by the sensual decomposition of fruits and veggies. I am surprised they did not get the twist cover off the thing because I imagine them to be quite clever little devils.

True Blood Season 2 is getting better. I still skip some stuff, but it has it's very funny, campy, twisted moments.

Need to plant stuff this weekend in the garden and in other areas we would like flowers. There is no guarantee this will get done.

I have been reading Mad Men recaps every Monday since I don't have cable. I cannot wait to see how they shut down the series. May Netflix get it as soon as it is done.

Our son is obsessed with vacuuming. No complaints here.

I need to buy sneakers still. Not a purchase I relish, but at some point I shall make my way to Marshal's and suck it up.

As someone who would rather have hardscaping and meadows and flowers instead of just grass, this article on Houzz about creative ides for a small front yard is inspiring. What I do love most about our "lawn" is it is filled with violets and clover. I don't understand how anyone hates that. Seriously. I get the rolling carpet of green is attractive to someone, but that someone is not me. I would rather not have to mow something all the time. I don't my hubby does, but still.

This cashew carrot salad from Fat Free Vegan looks nice for the warmer months.

Have a gorgeous day.


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