Monday, May 11, 2015

Movies, Books and Gardening

Believe it or not, I have snuck in two movies in the past week. Granted I watched them over a few days, but still, that is an accomplishment.
The first one I watched was Saved! and truth be told, I really liked it. Some people it accused it of being Anti-Christian, but I saw it differently. The film showed examples of blind faith, lack of faith and finding faith alongside homosexuality, being handicapped and more, all with a dark comedy vibe. While the content may not be your cup of tea, the performances from every actor was excellent.

The second film was a surprise for me in that I could not believe that it was a true story. The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio was surprisingly touching and aggravating. Julianne Moore plays a mom to ten kids, God Fucking Bless, and a wife to an alcoholic husband. She ends up being the breadwinner, how? By winning contests. Yes. Contests. Seems back in the day, known as the 50's, you could enter a contest sponsored by someone like Frigidaire, by writing a catchy jingle, and win a refrigerator. Wish THAT still happened. I will say I cried at the end not just because my hormones lack balance, but because it was sweet.

We did a lot of garden work yesterday. We planted more lavender and sage and oregano and still need to put the pachysandra in. I will take pictures so you can see what we have done.
Unfortunately, it seems as if the yellow jackets are back. Now I am pretty much a live and let live gal when it comes to outdoor wildlife, but not if you are going to take up residence where I spend my time, the porch. The problem is, I have been trying to track where they are going. One time they were entering a crack in the porch, another time they were by the side of the front door, and yesterday one went under the bird bath in the dirt where I needed to plant stuff. Every time we were over there she would come out and hover. This is not good. I don't really want to call an exterminator, but getting stung is not an option. You can buy a home plan to be done three times a year, but the treatment wipes out some beneficial bugs/insects as well and I am not a fan of that. I know farmers like yellow jackets,but I can't tell the damn things where the farm is or else I would. We shall see how we proceed in this matter.

We will be pruning our lilac tree pretty hardcore this year so I have decided it is a good idea to cut flowers for the house. Look at them, they smell heavenly as well.

And an update on the ambulance situation. I paid a 15% reduced rate of $864.00. Aces.

Have a great day!


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