Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crap, Crap, Crappity, Crap, Crap

Last night I took a shower and after I turned off the water and got out, there was a weird whooshing noise. I checked the faucet to see if maybe I did not turn them off, but that was not the case. As I walked towards the upstairs landing the noise got progressively louder. I stopped for a moment and then headed up to the bedroom and informed my husband, "It sounds like the water is running and it gets louder by that one pipe by the wall. Something is not right."
He got up and went downstairs while I stayed upstairs talking to my son who wanted to know "What happened?" The minute my husband opened the basement door we could hear the water. Yup, a pipe burst.

Home ownership can suck more than a vampire at a blood bank.

My husband shut the water off and we are now waiting to hear from our contractor. We believe the burst happened by the nasty looking old house water filter the prior, prior owners put in so that is going to go. Granted, all of our pipes need to go, but let's face it, replacing plumbing all at once is hideously expensive. My husband mentioned something called Pex and another friend did as well so I looked it up and I have to say, I want it. It is cheaper than copper, flexible, won't rot and will most likely do very well in our home. Check out an example of it here.

Thank goodness we had gallon jugs of water on hand to be able to brush our teeth and rinse a pot or two. As for flushing the toilets, well that will wait until later.

And in more homeowner amusement, I called the exterminator who informed me that "Yes, the yellow jackets are currently staking out places to set up their colonies so they cannot come out until we locate a nest." I get it and I was fine with it until I found two yellow jackets in my sons room at separate times. One I was able to get out via the window, the other, unfortunately, perished at the hands of my husband and an Old House magazine. So far we have had no other incidents as I have kept his windows shut. I am hoping they choose some place in the back where I don't have to deal with them. I don't want to have an exterminator come and I want to use my porch. Not asking for a lot here, but nature does have the upper hand in the meantime. Respect.

As a thanks for listening, here is a nice recipe. I did not use gf pasta, but it was still fabulous.
Artichoke Hearts and White Beans with Pasta


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