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CSA and Garden

Yeah, I gotta tell you. I am tired. It doesn't help when the dog wakes up at 4:30 because she wants to cuddle. Seriously. So, I am just gonna share beautiful things via photos because it is Friday and mama is struggling to make a kale salad and needs a drink.

One of my stunning peonies. You can almost smell the exquisite fragrance through the picture.

I set up a butterfly/bee/wasp bath. After having annihilated a small colony of young yellow jackets, I feel like this is a small way to say I am sorry and have a drink. Yes I am crazy and let's leave it at that.
*See the little wasp in the center? Happy wasp.
Here is a full shot of the starting to bloom flower garden. Things that did not come up last year are coming up full force this year, like Blanket Flowers, and I cannot wait to see how this garden transforms over the next few months.
Had our first CSA pick up at the local farm yesterday and holy smokes was it a bounty!! Asparagus, arugula, 2 tomatoes, 2 zucchini, a potted pl…

Catching Up

Hello my dears. So much going on and so much not going on. Gotta love great weather to make one lounge or be busy.

Our little guy only has two more days of school. Amazing how fast the year went. Seriously, no matter how many times people tell you the time flies, it really, really does. Soon enough he will be dating and driving and I will have a full head of gray hair. :)

Yellow Jackets have come back to our porch. And like last year, though in a different spot, the entrance is between a brick column and bead board, so God only knows how big the nest is. While I am all for live and let live, that does not apply when it is next to my porch swing where we like to hang out so the exterminator has been called. I sort of feel bad, but I have no desire for any of us to get stung and they have been incredibly active today. Our son is obsessed with the little buggers so we watched them this am and I found this really cool video about them and the layers of their nest. Very interesting.

We hav…

What Time Is It?!

For some reason our three year old has woken up at the ungodly hour of 5:45am the past two days. If spell check did not exist, there would be an ENORMOUS amount of errors throughout this post. My addled brain has things it wants to share so I am going to do that and then fight wanting to nap most of the day.

This past Christmas, a darling friend gave us a $100 gift certificate to Xaviar's Restaurant Group in New York State. We have done brunch at Restaurant X a few times and nothing compares to it anywhere. Seriously, it is that good. When a huge group of us went once, our friend informed them we were vegetarian. Apparently the cook was excited and had a good time making things for my husband and I. A few others at the table got jealous. LOL
Anyway, the hubby and I decided we would give one of the other restaurants in teh group a go so we booked the Sunday Lunch at Xaviar's at Piermont for yesterday. We dropped the little boy off at our friend's who got us the gift card si…

Crap, Crap, Crappity, Crap, Crap

Last night I took a shower and after I turned off the water and got out, there was a weird whooshing noise. I checked the faucet to see if maybe I did not turn them off, but that was not the case. As I walked towards the upstairs landing the noise got progressively louder. I stopped for a moment and then headed up to the bedroom and informed my husband, "It sounds like the water is running and it gets louder by that one pipe by the wall. Something is not right."
He got up and went downstairs while I stayed upstairs talking to my son who wanted to know "What happened?" The minute my husband opened the basement door we could hear the water. Yup, a pipe burst.

Home ownership can suck more than a vampire at a blood bank.

My husband shut the water off and we are now waiting to hear from our contractor. We believe the burst happened by the nasty looking old house water filter the prior, prior owners put in so that is going to go. Granted, all of our pipes need to go, but…

Movies, Books and Gardening

Believe it or not, I have snuck in two movies in the past week. Granted I watched them over a few days, but still, that is an accomplishment.
The first one I watched was Saved! and truth be told, I really liked it. Some people it accused it of being Anti-Christian, but I saw it differently. The film showed examples of blind faith, lack of faith and finding faith alongside homosexuality, being handicapped and more, all with a dark comedy vibe. While the content may not be your cup of tea, the performances from every actor was excellent.

The second film was a surprise for me in that I could not believe that it was a true story. The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio was surprisingly touching and aggravating. Julianne Moore plays a mom to ten kids, God Fucking Bless, and a wife to an alcoholic husband. She ends up being the breadwinner, how? By winning contests. Yes. Contests. Seems back in the day, known as the 50's, you could enter a contest sponsored by someone like Frigidaire, by writ…

Random Things

Such glorious weather these last few days. My little forget-me-nots keep popping up in different areas of where I planted them originally. I like them and wish they would bloom bigger and longer.

My son has a cold. Never fun being sick when the weather is fabulous outside, but I am hoping he will lay low, whatever that means to a 3 year old, until he is better.

I am in the middle of reading "Trigger Warning" by Neil Gaiman. A sweet collection of short stories. Joking. There is nothing sweet here so far. Honestly what goes on in that man's head is pretty impressive.  'A Lunary Labyritnh' and 'A Calendar of Tales' are favorites so far. 'The Thing About Cassandra' still has me wondering if I got it right and after a quick internet search I saw I was not alone in my wonder.
Unfortunately the book is due back Friday, so I feel like I a in a marathon rush to finish getting through all the stories. If not, I hope I can renew it, but it was a 14 day loan…

Hello Darlings!

Played phone tag with Reveune Guard.  You gotta love that there is a company out there specifically designed to get money for the ambulance companies. Clearly this came out of the fact that nobody wants to pay the ridiculous bills they send out so instead of wasting resources trying to get paid, they chose to contract a company that will spend their waking days doing billing with the potential to ruin everyone's credit. Yeah, this is a going to be a fun battle. I doubt I will win, but I personally think this practice sucks and every time I hear the first aid horn now I think, "Oh, there goes another $1000.00+ customer." Friggin' sad.

Again, I understand these services are not cheap and I appreciate First Aid Squads, but either find someone to negotiate a much better contracted rate with insurance companies, or hold more fund raisers. I say this because going after folks for money after they have been through some sort of trauma is probably not the best way to do busi…