Friday, April 17, 2015

Welcome to Friday

Body Pump. 8 o'clock this morning. We did some serious shoulder work. Because of this I can barely lift my arms over my head due to the fatigue my deltoids, triceps, biceps and pectorals feel. Aces. That aside, I do love the class and wished it was offered more often.

I went and got a haircut and tomorrow I get the eyebrows waxed.  Whoo hoo!

I started to watch the British sci-fi/demented series Black Mirror. "The National Anthem" is episode one and after I watched it I wanted to vomit and shower. This series is not for the fainthearted nor is it for someone who dislikes science fiction and may fear technology. This series is everything dark and horrible you like to imagine about technology brought to life.

My book is nearly finished. Yes, hell has frozen. Well, it is about 6 chapters away and we all know that could take another 6 months or even a year considering how limited my writing time can be. No matter. I have decided that advice from a friend seems a sound way to go. Send out queries and give it 120 days. If I hear nothing, self publish. Hire an editor, a proofreader and probably someone to design the cover. This probably means I need to rejoin social media sites as I will need to promote the book. I am not thrilled about that aspect because of trolls and whatnot, but the desire to get the book into many hands will have to override that bull.

Been keeping a list of what is to get planted where outside and am excited to get a move on.

In case you don't have kids, three is an amazing and very strenuous age. Our son has a lot of autonomy, but man, there are times you would think he never was given freedom. Other times he wants to be attached to my hip or his daddy's. God Bless. I appreciate him enjoying our company and I also appreciate that he goes to preschool two days a week.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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