Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How To Piss Me Off

Send me an "ambulance services" bill for $1,061.75. I call my insurance company, they paid their contracted amount and according to them I only need to pay $82.00. The hospital sending the bill partners with our town's First Aid Squad, but is used for MICU/ICU which I was NOT in nor was it the hospital used.
Now I have to call this outsourced billing company and ask them where in the Sam Hell do they get off charging my over a thousand bucks? I did not know I was now going to be a part owner of an ambulance. Just know I am not excited about making this call. I understand EMS people make piss and are volunteers, but then just who is getting all this freakin' money???

After doing some internet research I found articles about numerous ambulance companies across the country that have been accused of fraud alongside Medicare. There were also lots of comments from people claiming they would never call for an ambulance ever again. Pick, life or death. Awesome.

And this is why I hate the US healthcare system with a passion.

We pay so much out of pocket for services, yes even with health insurance for those who live elsewhere, it is ridiculous. On top of that, NO ONE should have to decline an ambulance because you will get slammed with a charge for over a thousand dollars.
This is why I can't understand people who keep fighting Universal Healthcare. Do you really think medical bankruptcy is an awesome thing? I worked in mortgaging, I saw it listed on a few deals that came through. You shouldn't think losing your car or house or that depleting your savings to pay for any sort of medical treatments is acceptable. That doesn't say "Freedom" to me. Why would you want to fight tooth and nail to get stuff covered? Who the hell decided that medical care is not a God given right? Who is that person as I would like to inflict some private justice on them with a 2 x 4. I am tired of hearing about people unable to buy their diabetes medication or get that mammogram. Don't tell me they need to get a job or two, lots of folks have jobs and crappy insurance plans thanks to their employers not willing to buy better ones. I also love people who think like me being referred to as commie liberals because you know, healthcare is for wimps and you should just be glad you live in America.

So I will let you know how that phone call goes. Have a nice day.



  1. Yes...we learned long ago the hard way all about US health care. When I first heard your tale, I KNEW you would receive a bill for at least that, sadly.
    When hubby did have his job and we had supposedly 'good' insurance, I had foot surgery and he had a visit to the ER. The insurance booklet clearly stated in no uncertain terms that ALL was covered EXCEPT for $75. each for the services. We kept receiving bills for thousands and thousands of dollars. We called the insur. co. repeatedly and either got put on terminal hold, hung up on, or dismissed summarily. Hubby even went to the hospital with photo-copied pages of the insurance book proving we did not owe the money. The insur. co. refused to pay balances because they think they can get away with it. No matter what you do, they won't listen to anyone, or honor their policies.
    Finally he gave the hospital the copied pages, categorically refused to pay one dime we were not liable for, and walked out. At that point we didn't care what the hell happened.
    Now, he lost his job over 2 months ago---the second one in several years---when the crappy co. let the whole design dept. go with no notice, no severance, and of course no insurance.
    Now with NO income we of course still have no insurance, which in this country is damn worthless anyway.
    So-called 'unemployment' is not enough here to pay the barest minimum of bills. Peachy. We applied for food stamps over 2 months ago and have not received a penny. You go up there. You call repeatedly. They have a recording that says basically 'don't call us, we'll call you', but they don't.
    As if having to do that isn't demoralizing and horrifying enough.
    To add insult to injury they required unbelievably intrusive documents from us that were unnecessary and outrageous in the extreme.
    Next week hubby is going up to their office and demanding our paperwork/documents back and telling them to go to hell.
    Yes, here we are in America where you lose your job and are not "normal" in the eyes of others, so you get treated like a deadbeat or like you don't exist.
    We have had our dignity taken from us after years and years of hard work and responsible living.
    Pissed off? Uh, yeah...

    You don't have to publish this. I am just mad at the world, and your post sure made me even more so. Just sucks. I hope you get your situation all resolved without too much more stress.

    1. You are absolutely entitled to be angry. Hell, I am angry for you! I don't understand why the powers that be still have that stupid "welfare mom" image in their head from the 80's. Not everyone abuses the system and those that did, I hope they were banned from ever receiving benefits again because they ruined it for people who truly have a need. I hope things work out for you as I remember reading how hard it was for Adam looking for work last time. My favorite is when people start telling you to move for work. Let's see. If you own a home and have a support system you may not want to do that. PLus moving costs are outrageous. You can't move even if you want because you don't have the money. An incredibly vicious cycle.