Thursday, April 23, 2015

Early Mother's Day Gift

I am a honey fiend.

(very large one there)

I hate store bought honey with a passion. You can keep your cute plastic teddy bear containers and faux organic raw honey because that is NOT honey. When I bought honey from our local farm it was like ingesting a meadow of wildflowers and I adored the scent and taste. No, that is not everyone's gig, but it is mine.

Since winter has dragged her ass through our area for longer than anyone humanly desires, local honey was not available. So I sampled many a honey from Trader Joe's, not a fan of their stock, and Marshall's. They have good choices, but it is a crapshoot.

Yesterday a surprise arrived at my door from my awesome hubby.

There are three jars. One is for tea, one for grilling and one for cheese. Heaven, I am in heaven!! My expectations are high, but I have only ever heard fabulous things about Savannah Bee so I am really looking forward to trying each one of them. 
I was pretty much locking throughout the house. Get yer groove on.


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