Monday, April 20, 2015

A Weekend in Pictures

Took a ride with my son on Saturday after he nodded off in the car. Decided to take some photos to share. 

This is a branch of the river near the beginning of our street.

A beautiful back road had quite a few deer on it around 2:30. Snapped a picture of one of them.

I had taken pictures of this before, but at that time it was winter. It is so soothing to drive along here.

Some gorgeous daffodils in my backyard.

After such a stunning weekend, we are having torrential rains. A drag, but the flowers need it so I think I can suck it up for a day. :) Speaking of suck...
Still trying to get into "True Blood". I keep skipping the Jason Stackhouse scenes, but I am hanging in there because I really like the recently introduced character, Maryann Forrester. Not that this is the way to watch a show, but there it is. I also started to watch "Daredevil" on Netflix and W-O-W. Yes it is violent, hello it is based on a comic book superhero, but the grittiness and the acting are fantastic. As someone said, "They made this show for adults." Yes they did.


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