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A Small Round Up Post

A pair of favorite boots have begun to show serious wear and tear. This upset me as my boot collection has whittled away to just 4 pairs. I know it is not small, but I do love boots. As I went to get the box I used to keep them in I noticed the 'Buy One Get One' receipt was in there. I looked at it and laughed. I paid $20 for those boots and I had bought them in 2006. So all my annoyance was sort of ridiculous. These weren't boots I bought just last year and got one wear out of them. No. I bought them 9 years ago. Ahhh me.

In good news I worked out today. Before I headed out I had a fruit and avocado smoothie, a cheese biscuit and LOTS of water. I took it easy in Body Pump class. There was no feeling of wanting to pass out and I felt great. This disturbs me because my happy endorphins should keep me on the perky bus, but that is not happening.
My patience is very, very, very thin. I am not sure if this is part of the perimenopausal stage I am in, but I am not a pleasant person right at this very moment. My three year old who adores bugs will not leave the ladybugs alone. He is constantly grabbing them which is fine, but they do not stay long in this world once they are in his hands. Since I am a little tired of finding carcasses everywhere when asks me to reach a new one I barked at him that he had enough. I understand a three year old does not understand he is hurting them every time he tries something new with them, like picking them up with tweezers, but I can't handle him annihilating the whole east coast supply. I am trying to temper myself as I realize it is all my issue, but it also does not help that our dog is whining nonstop for some reason we cannot figure out.
In my case, lack of sleep may be the culprit. Ever since I have entered this odd phase of life, I wake up constantly during the night. Oh how I miss having a straight 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I also hate the odd aches and pains too. A shooting pain in my hip or under my left rib cage. A sore foot, a tense shoulder. Every time I try to figure out what it is, it seems I discover that my spleen has liquefied or my liver is on fire or I am actually dying.

Pays to not go to med school right?! LOL It is fun to make fun of oneself I tell ya.

Well, for those of you that celebrate, Happy Passover and Happy Easter. For those of you that don't, enjoy the food :)



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