Monday, April 27, 2015

A Lovely Weekend

Saturday my husband and son went to the zoo so I could have time to write uninterrupted. That was bliss! Then that evening I went out with some dear friends for dinner. A nice day for me indeed.

Yesterday we planned to head out to Liberty Science Center. We have a membership that was part of a package in a basket we bid on and won at our son's preschool auction. Also, our son is obsessed with cockroaches, praying mantises, ladybugs, well, any and all insects and arachnids. They have Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches there. Ask me who was the only kid so excited about that? The interesting thing was hearing other parents discouraging their kids form looking at the "bugs" because they are gross and don't like them. Funny, I thought you brought your kids to places like that to explore and learn which makes it not about you. Guess not.
We also got to go out to an observation deck and look at the marina and NYC skyline and Statue of Liberty. It was a lot of fun, though I really do marvel at what they charge for food in places like this. $3.00 for french fries. Seriously???? It is $7 to park BUT it does not go to the museum as it is owned by the State.
All in all, a good time for a family and if he wasn't so tired, I would have driven over to Liberty State Park and walked around, but he was wiped out and napped the whole way home. :)

 Hello roaches. We visited them about five times yesterday. First time we stayed there for about 25 minutes!

 Sesame Street exhibit about the body. Cute for what it was.

 Wind turbine, a marina and downtown NYC.

Our fine lady, the Statue of Liberty.

Today we will just lay low, go outside here at home and do some weeding and getting ready to plant.


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