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Things have been bustling so here is what's going on.

In-laws came up for a visit and watched out little guy while the hubster and I went out on a Saturday night. Granted it was to an auction for the preschool, but it was a Saturday night. It was awesome. I won a gift card to a spa, a restaurant and a store in Morristown. We also bid and won the basket I put together for the auction which had gift cards to local places and a membership to Liberty Science Center. AWESOME.

A few days before I had the pleasure of being diagnosed with bronchitis. I had no mucus, no fever and my cough was awful at night, but that was it. What compelled me to go to the doctor was the weird drowning feeling I kept having on the left side of my chest. I was prescribed an antibiotic and when I was still feeling gross by Monday was sent for a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia and went an picked up an inhaler. Pneumonia was ruled out and I am now back to myself.

Thanks to being sick I could not got to spin class or the Les Mills BodyPump class. This makes me angry because every since I started I have felt fabulous and sore. Missing a week has allowed my hormones to rebel and bounce off the walls and my aches and pains came back. This made me realize I need to do some sort of strength training for the rest of my life. I am hoping to be an eighty year old that lifts a barbell. I only lift about 5 to 7 pounds right now so no one get excited thinking I can pump serious iron here.

On Netflix I watched the new episodes of Archer and Mad Men. Both were great. I have been trying to get into True Blood on Amazon Prime but the characters of Jason Stackhouse and Tara Thornton are making me twitch to no end. I am at episode 9 of Season 1 and I have been fast forwarding when these two come up. Not a good sign when watching a series. The favorite to many characters of Pam and Eric are now becoming more present and that may make me stick around. Not sure.

Been thinking more about what I want to plant in the gardens now that the snow has melted. Hooray!! I am looking forward to the temps going over forty so I can begin to turn the composter again, everything had frozen, and get it ready to go into the gardens. I am also going to plants wildflowers all in the back where the weeds grow strong. I don't even care of the deer get them plants. I am just doing this to make it look better than what it is and add color. I bought boxes of American Seeds wildflower mixes which are very hit or miss. But for a dollar, that is fine. I might pick up some more. I bought one for sunny areas and one for shade. Here is to hoping they bloom!

I have been writing. I think I may have 6 chapters left. (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN????) I was inspired by a friend who said "Just get it all down on paper. No matter how ugly." She was right. Instead of worrying about editing as I go, I now pour out what comes to me and will eventually go back and fix or beef up what needs to be done. The freakiest thing will be when it is actually completed. Then I need to pitch it to agents and that will give me a whole new set of neurosis, but cross each bridge separately right? I hope it gets picked up. I am also deciding what would be the next book to start. Yes, this is an ongoing process. I may never get published, or will have to self publish, but I see no reason to not keep trying.

HookedonHouses has featured a home that I would move into in a heartbeat. Check it out here.

Have a wonderful weekend,



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