Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Icy Wednesday

Winter has introduced March like a lion. Yesterday we had snow, sleet, ice and tonight, more snow.

Enough of that.

Here is what is on tonight's menu. Grandma's Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili. I will be altering it to fit with what we have and you can do the same. Our food supplies are low as we were supposed to be away, but had to cancel since the friends we were to visit became very ill. A real bummer, but they will be up our way in a few weeks which means we will get to see them.

I made a yellow mung dal soup the other night and it is delicious and not an expensive meal to make at all.

We watch a decent array of videos on The Kid Should See This. I liken it to a great aggregator of interesting and alternative video entertainment for kids. There is cooking, science, music and honestly, ones does not need to be a child to enjoy their content. On their site we recently came across The Girl and The Fox. So beautifully animated and such a lovely story.

The little man and I watched it three times and I cried. Every.Single.Time. I am a hormonal mess. Welcome to being a woman of a certain age.

I also absolutely love the song/message and illustration for Cookie Tin Banjo.

Tiny Houses are all the rage and as someone pointed out, "Live in a NYC apartment, same thing." I can't say they are wrong, but I have also been lucky to have graced some serious living quarters in NYC, one was $10K a month in rent. It was my boss's place. People also commented that if you are thinking of going to a microhome, try living in a camper first. Again, great advice. Here is an article about the tiny homes and as always, I would bet the comment section will have an abundance of useful information. ;-)


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