Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dress Fabulously!

Up to 8 inches today. While it is pretty, I look forward to the warmer temperatures headed our way. Sad when 40 is considered warm, but let's go with it shall we?

I believe I have mentioned the wonderful blog Advanced Style before. Ari does a wonderful job of finding elegant, sophisticated and eclectically dressed women of a certain age and featuring them.
Older people, especially women in this country are a greatly undeserved demographic. Older in the US means social security, doctors visits, nursing homes and death. One would not look at a seventy five year old woman and think, "She has sex." or "She plays tennis." or "She is working." You know, as if she or even he has an actual life.  Thankfully, there are those that buck the system and I hope to be one of them. The aforementioned website also has a documentary. An enjoyable one at that. Joyce Carpati, a stunning 80(!!!!) year old woman, says the best thing I have ever heard in regards to how women should view themselves. "I never wanted to look young, I wanted to look great."
While she made that comment in regards to herself, it made me pause. Why the hell don't more people think like this. I throw myself in there because it would be a less stressful existence for a lot of women if we stopped comparing ourselves to celebrities or friends. There is not reason to try and look like Helen Mirren or Jennifer Aniston or whatever young hot actress is out there right now. Do your own thing. With class, dignity and most of all lots of fun.


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