Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Tiny House

Busy weekend and of course, it is snowing.

That is how winter is making me feel. If you have never seen the campy fun movie "Clue", you must.

Was browsing Houzz, because really, when stuck indoors, isn't it nice to look at places like the one below in Southern California?

All that expensive beauty aside, allow me to share a tour of a 200 square foot house. It is very well done and thought out. While I like the concept of tiny homes and the designs, I don't think I would want one to be my permanent abode. Actually, some of the larger tiny homes work well so I guess if I wanted to live some high priced place like La Jolla, CA or Hawaii, that is how I could make that happen. Not that we are moving, but all this snow has made me wish to be somewhere that does not require boots, a heavy coat and the need to warm up the car.

Hope some of you are getting sunshine and flowers and know that I am jealous and cannot wait for spring to roar her way over here to New Jersey.


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