Monday, March 30, 2015

A Funny Story

Bloggers have been known to over share. While I try not to get too personal, this weekend an event happened that I have decided is worthy of over share fodder.

I started working out again a few weeks back, which has been great, but then I got bronchitis when the in-laws were here so I did not work out for about 10 days. This past Saturday I was all psyched to get up and attend spin class. Now, spinning can be a touch intense, but the instructors are very clear about not needing to keep up. Since I was just getting over being sick, I took it easy and did not do heavy resistance on the bike and stayed hydrated throughout. 5 minutes before class ended I felt weird. Everything got tingly and tunnel vision began. The instructor's voice became muffled and I realized what was happening. I slowed down, took my right foot off the pedal and woke up on the floor surrounded by uniforms. 
To fill in the blanks, apparently my friend Charlie, who thankfully goes to same gym, saw me just standing there, asked me if I was alright and I did not reply. He  knew something was wrong, got up and tapped my shoulder and I fell against him. They called 911, elevated my legs, made sure I was breathing and an ambulance came and carted me away. Every test they ran came back negative, but I am following up with my doctor tomorrow. No, no bun in the oven Whew!! And the two EKG's and cardiac enzyme tests were all negative, thank goodness for that.
I do think I may have pushed myself a little and was probably still recovering from bronchitis as I had just finished the antibiotics on Thursday night. Again, I do not even go full throttle in spin because you really do need to work up to that strength. I had hydrated myself, no I didn't eat, but I doubt that was the main culprit.

I have had a slight headache since then and of course am all paranoid about it happening again. I am a touch pissed because i had got back into working out to maintain a healthy heart and bones. My body seems to have forsaken me though....
The cops, paramedics and medical personnel were all lovely and pretty darn funny which is great for someone like me. The general consensus once they found out I had only five minutes left in class was "Well, at least you got your work out in."

My tax dollars at work. Worth every cent. :)



  1. Scary! Glad all the test came out okay.
    Take it easy!!!

    1. I will. I need to remember I am not 22 and able to bounce back from illness as easily as I used to!