Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Not Much Going On Here

It snowed a few inches more overnight and there is a light snow now. Pretty, but what I wouldn't give for 82 and humid right about now.

As class parent in my son's school, I got to collect some money and purchase gift cards for our yearly fundraising auction. We did most of the purchasing on Saturday, but I still need to get a few more. With this delightful weather, I haven't been eager to run out with kid in tow, but the cabin fever has hit me as well so I am attempt to do some "shopping" in the next few days.

It is amazing to me how fundraising starts in the preschools. Where I live, there is no Universal Pre-K.  If you want your child to go to preschool you have to pay for it and some of the schools, like the local Montessori, can be a touch pricey. We joined a Co-op. The program is great and my son who when he started in September was talking, but not a ton, can now have full blown conversations with me or himself in the car. His interest in art was peaked and sings the washing hands song all the time. I am happy to raise funds for the school, but man, we do it A LOT. We are not the only ones though. All the preschools, which are private, have annual fundraisers or if they are real expensive places, it is called a 'gala'. Sort of amazing.

In some ways I wish my child's preschool went to kindergarten because I believe in children playing more than testing. That's right. Testing begins in kindergarten. I find the whole thing appalling to be honest. There is so much that can be discussed on that topic, but I am not feeling that ranty. Well, I am, but it is more cabin fever based. :)

Right now, I want to pretend I live in Dana Point, California. I am wearing capris, a t-shirt and am walking on the beach with my family and I actually have the nerve to say, "Whew, it's hot."


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