Saturday, February 21, 2015

From the Ice Cold State Known as New Jersey

It is snowing once again. Lord help me I have never hated a winter like I have this one. The ice and wind chills continue to make it impossible to stay outside for long stretches of time. There have been moments where I feel like I am experiencing that Twilight Zone episode where the woman is sweltering and all sorts of conveniences people are used to like water, juice, air conditioning, food are disappearing due to the fact the earth is moving closer to the sun. Folks becomes crazed, looking for ways to stay cool and moving up to Canada.

Here is the episode: The Midnight Sun 1961

The truth is revealed at the end when we see the young lady moaning with fever and her neighbor and doctor are there. The earth is actually moving away from the sun so the planet is freezing and people are heading south.  Yeah, THAT is exactly how I see our current weather situation going right about now. The Funk Soul Brother.


For dinner last night I made the delicious shrimp, kale and cannellini bean casserole recipe from The Perfect Pantry. I omitted the wine because I did not have it and added more garlic. Such a filling, healthy meal.

And because I am cabin fevered out, here are some videos I enjoy and hope you do to.

Pearl Bailey and Dinah Shore. Classy Ladies right here.

This 3 year old's fighting stance and adorable English accent makes me want to squeee so loud dogs would howl.

This video on Happy Place made me miss my cats something fierce. The first one of the Alabama kitty is my fave.



  1. Hey Miss Fifi:
    Hahaa, I remember that episode! Yeah this winter has been endless - more negative 0 temps tonight.
    That casserole sounds great! I'm all about food these days, that's for sure, esp one-pot comfort food. And baked goods ;)

    1. We were teased with 40 degrees yesterday. Today it is 15. Way to damper the excitement Mother Nature!
      I love me some comfort foods, but man what I would not give for summer ripe tomatoes and watermelon. LOL