Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cabin Fever

Today has a nice wind chill, snow drifts and a coming night temperature of 1 degree. I am officially done with winter weather.

And to think it is only February 5. Ugh.

I have gotten creative with the chalkboard in the playroom because we have no chalk. That's right. I am boasting about taping paper up onto a chalkboard. God I need to get out. In the sun. In a t-shirt.

Since we are housebound more often than not lately, I ordered myself a book from the library. After some searching I chose An Appetite for Violets. Takes place in the UK and heads on over to Italy. Our main protagonist is Biddy Leigh, an under cook at Mawton Hall and my oh my, what intrigues are occurring. Lady Carina, the new very young mistress to a very old man, Sir Gregory, is quite the princess and conniver. It will be interesting to see where we are headed as she is travelling sans hubby, he has ensconced himself at his estate in Ireland and is currently very ill. Biddy has become an unwilling favorite of the Lady who has insisted on continuing on to Italy regardless that her husband is at death's door. What I especially like are the old recipes from 1700's listed at the beginning of each chapter and how they are mentioned or use within the chapter.

In health related news, my neck and shoulder on the left side have been quite irritating. Usually it is a nice twinge of pain or just a solid tightness that is becoming limiting, My shoulders are usually up to my ears anyway, poor posture really does a number on one's body doesn't it? I am using a different pillow and stretching and I have once again begun working out for about 10-20 minutes a day. I would love to join a gym, but the expense seems unreasonable at the moment so back to YouTube I go. Here is to hoping I get back some flexibility!

Today we had a nice sized donation picked up. I love to get rid of things in the hopes that someone else can find use for them. A changing table, old clothes, dishes, DVDs. Goodbye and go make someone else happy!!

Mexican Hot Chocolate is my absolute favorite thing to drink in winter, besides hot chai tea latte. I buy the chai latte in concentrate and make my own at home. For the $4 to $5 it costs to buy the concentrate, I get about 8 servings. All of that for the cost of one Starbucks Chai. Rock on. I have yet to attempt Mexican Hot Chocolate, but the following recipe from Oui Chef Network looks easy enough for me to give it a shot.

Mexican Hot Chocolate


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