Tuesday, January 6, 2015

White Bean and Garlic Stew

Thanks to the snow and chill, I wanted something warming for dinner this evening. White bean and garlic stew from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen fit the bill. 
I used fire roasted tomatoes and chose not to use a whole head of garlic. Not because I do not like garlic, but because it is the only head I have and didn't want to use it all up. I also used jasmine rice from Trader Joe's. I washed it, then threw it in the rice cooker with a heavy dose of turmeric and a dash of garlic powder. Of course if your don't want rice, a nice homemade cheese biscuit would accompany this very well.

This recipe will be staying in my rotation because it is darn tasty and you have a nice amount of leftovers which is a plus for the hubby.

And now I leave you with a cat meme.


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