Sunday, January 11, 2015

Soup and Other Things

It is definitely winter in New Jersey. Our son has a cold, but it seems it might just be a twenty four hour thing which I would love. Currently though he keeps pulling books out of the bookcase which is stressing my husband, so it seems we need to continue to impart respect for books. He loves reading, but like most three year old kids, everything around them is meant to be played with and explored. Just adds more gray hairs.

I am making a favorite soup this evening, black bean and chorizo, using Trader Joe's soy chorizo since we do not eat meat. I also cut up some habanero lime tortillas we ad bought at Trader Joe's and turned them into tortilla chips. Yummy!

I went and got a haircut the other day and also indulged in an eyebrow waxing. My, oh my it has been years since I have had that done. I have pretty much gotten lazy using tweezers so I decided it would be a nice treat to have them taken care of by a professional. Tracy did a great job and I will probably do it again. Some women get manicures, I wax my brows. :)

Many moons ago we bought a half case of Kirk's Original Coco Castile Soap off of Amazon. Not everyone is a fan of castile soap, but we like it and it is very gentle. The fact that we won't need to buy soap for some time is the real plus here.

Also, the 'H' key is not working that well on my computer which has led to some comical sentences.

Stay warm and have a nice evening!


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