Tuesday, January 13, 2015

See What Happens When You No Longer Go to an Office?

You start to over think things like a lunatic. Well I do.

I have been out of the office workforce for close to 7 years. Massage was done in hospital/hospice/private client settings and then I got pregnant and that was that.
The best and worst part of all of this is I can't even list my SAHM gig on my resume. I have said it before, raising a child is just like being an Executive Assistant. They want stuff when they want it. There are no excuses for why you were unable to get them what they required, just get it. They do not always want to do things they were excited about doing and sometimes will bail leaving you to have to explain why said bail occurred. Lunch can be a nightmare as well as dinner, especially if you did not get them what they ordered.
I believe I should be able to list all of this on my LinkedIn profile so if I do need to go back to 9-5 one day, I can show just how well prepared I am. I may not use Office much anymore, but thanks to being a writer, I am more than acquainted with Google Drive and the Docs section. When I had massage clients I used Google Drive to prepare invoices as well as spreadsheets. So look at me, using a new system and able to call out for appointments. She's still got it!

Why am I even thinking about all this? Well, I was recently reviewing a profile of a digital media person and their experience struck me. See, this person is part of a major site launch and quite frankly what is launching has no presence to be found. A simple search should have them front and center. There should be press. Just tweeting about something is not PR. Some people think it is, but it is a small part. You still  need various avenues to reach your audience, especially if you, like everyone these days, wants the coveted Millennials group. I am no SEO or marketer, but even I know you only get eyeballs if the people you partnered with are also pushing you. Perhaps it is early in the game, or perhaps I think I know more than I do which is entirely possible. Here I am, sans paycheck, critiquing some poor person's job and I know nothing about what they have done. But isn't that the fun of being an armchair quarterback? Or in my case, a Chromebook quarterback?

I realized what this all stems from. Sometimes I miss being out there. Among the adults. Talking, taking an hour or less lunch, eating at my desk, wearing make up and nice clothes, doing ad hoc projects whose deadlines constantly change, doing travel expenses, ordering cars, cancelling cars, running to catch the bus, you know normal workday things. Then I think about how much I enjoy being home with my son, not having to dress all fancy schmancy, to have the ability to write a chapter or a paragraph and feel accomplishment, do laundry without having to leave it all for the weekend, cook, save money on gas and transportation and day care. So the usual perspective kicks in and while all is usually well, it doesn't mean I wouldn't like to be involved and feel like I have contributed to the world today. I know I have just by teaching my son how to use the word awkward or a screwdriver or flush the toilet. What I would love is to have a real work conversation where I would be able to suggest things or take care of a project and see an immediate impact. Or not. I guess that is what this is all about. When you chose to write a book there is no immediate impact. The process takes time, finding an agent takes time, if you get published, that takes time. Time is always lacking or for some people time is too short. I am not sure where I stand. I try to enjoy all the time I have, but I do wish I had some more time, and really, who doesn't? People say make the most of your time and I do, but I get greedy and want more and want better use of my time. Better use means better results. That can only fall on my shoulders though. So instead of quarterbacking someone else, I need to quarterback myself.

I will now leave you with one of my fave memes in the whole world.


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  1. I've always thought it would be nice to work three days a week at the office and spend four days at home doing more creative work and staying home with the kids and the critters. Alas....society and governmental work is not set up to be so and to manage a mortgage and health insurance, I wonder how much more productive we would be as a society though.