Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just Purge It! (I am yelling at myself here)

Luckily the blizzard ending up being a dud. Instead of two feet we got 4-8 inches and I am fine with that. New England got slammed, but that is a pretty darn resilient part of the country so I am sure they will be a-okay.

Being stuck in the house can make you a little nuts. I mean, we have gotten outside, but these last few days have been a mix of outside, get back in. Snowballs were made and snow was eaten. Toddlers find beauty and food in everything.
The boy also has a runny nose again. Does it ever stop??? I swear this must be a permanent thing until spring.

I have also decided it was time to buck up and do a real deep cleaning purge. The reason I say buck up is I need to get rid of things I really no longer use or even look at. That being said, I got brave and began to add DVD's to the pile. Why brave you ask? Well, the joke here is that we have not had a DVD player for quite some time and for some reason, we felt the need to save movies we had bought in collective sets. It makes no sense, I know this. It is not like we can watch the darn things. We stream EVERYTHING now. So I took a few and tossed them into a bag. Not all of them as some belong to hubby and I am not sure he is ready to part with them. I did check Amazon and at this point would only get anywhere from 25 cents to maybe 75 cents for most of them. So not worth packing them up. Back when Amazon started that buy back program, we made some good money getting rid of books and DVDs, but now the market is flooded so there is really no point. We stopped buying DVDs before Blu Rays hit and that seems to be the only ones that sell. For now.

I also have old textbooks I need to toss, but am having a hard time. Why? Why can't I just get rid of the darn things? I have also waffled on tossing out old diaries and pictures. Do you see a pattern here? I have already scanned important photos and heck, I can even reprint them on Shutterfly if need be. So what is holding me back? I don't have a good answer. I think some of it stems from the idea that if I get rid of it, it never happened. Stupid as can be, but what is it I need people to know about me. That I had a crush on some guy in the eighth grade? Who cares?
I am not trying to go full on minimalist here, but some of those that practice that lifestyle do have a point. If it is in a box and you never look at it, never use it or never wear it, why are you holding on to it? So with that, I have begun making small, yet significant inroads with clearing out some forgotten clutter.

And while being house bound, if you want to get crafty and say, take up sewing, you can get some fine inspiration here at this interesting site called Unsung Sewing Patterns. There is quite an impressive archive of vintage patterns. I love the Ladies and Misses' Apron pattern from McCalls.


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