Thursday, December 18, 2014

Whatcha got?

A sense of humor thank God.

Yesterday I commented on a blog post by Ben Hewitt about how some people read homesteading blogs and feel inadequate. I think it happens to the best of us. You will read that someone has cut their debt to almost nil or grew three acres of perfect vegetables. Why is it the cabbage worms have ignored their planted heads while mine had been decimated to the point where I will no longer attempt to grow said veggie??Anyway, I wanted to reassure the person who made gotten that conversation started. She apologized and I felt she did not have to. Some homesteaders don't share the rough times only they good, but I prefer when they share it all in that type of world as it makes it much more interesting.

That being said, it looks like my reply inspired Mr. Hewitt to write a parody based off my reply.

Here is the original post and you can scroll down to my comment.

Here is the parody.

I am fodder for the masses, I think, in a good way. Seriously though, Portlandia should take every word he has written and turn it into an episode.

Social media, especially blogging, is an interesting monster. We let complete strangers into our lives and share things that even some of our own family are unaware of. Or at least until we see them. :) We comment on how other people chose to do things or ask them questions about it. I appreciate when someone like Rhonda from Down to Earth shares because it is a passing on of knowledge that one may not receive in their every day interactions.

That aside, social media also distorts things. We read about how a blogger is building their dream kitchen with their own two hands or how someone's chickens are just bountiful with egg production or how their children are just so independent and talented and some folks just crumble trying to live up to that ideal . They and we forget that whatever blog we are reading, that person has bad days happen too. It is just that some bloggers prefer not to share that part of their world. They don't want you to know that the fox ate half their flock or that their little crafty genius threw a major tantrum at the Farmer's Market or ate soap and that is fine. When you choose to make your life public, you get to choose what you share. Readers need to remember this and not try to live up to some ideal Pinterest styled dream. Again, this is why I prefer people who share the shit slogging in their days. You can learn a thing or two from someone when they keep it real. It doesn't mean the ones who don't share aren't being real, but they are projecting a certain lifestyle that is not always attainable and the average reader, if having a crappy day, week or month, may forget that and start to compare themselves and feel horribly inadequate. None of us should, but sometimes it just creeps in and you just need to get a grip and breathe.

Now that I have entertained the homesteading masses, I hope I entertained you all as well.

And the mice are gone. AMEN! Seems they came in from under the porch as they ate most of the bait from the box put under that area. I admit I was a little excited because that means they probably died under there so I won't smell disintegrating carcasses. WHOOO HOOO!



  1. Hey, yay for no more mice!

    His parody is hilarious!! And you brought up some good points - readers should know that not all bloggers/writers are writing about 100% of their lives. We all write for different reasons.

    I'm old enough to remember how many people (women usually) felt so inadequate when Martha Stewart came on the scene!

    My two cents: You do what you can, and screw the rest. If you chose to buy from Walmart. or a big box store, don't feel guilty about it. Why DO some people feel so guilty for not being perfectly home-stead-y (or fashion-y or whatever the type of blog ones follows)?

    I remember when I had just had my son - single mom, just finishing up college - and a friend lambasted me for not recycling. Back then you had to drive into town to drop off recyclables. I torn into him so hard, I'm surprised he ever talked to me again.

    And honestly I never believed any life portrayed by a blog was 'perfect'...I'm old and jaded! And one of my nicknames as a child was 'Doubting Thomasina! :D

  2. HA! I like being old and jaded as well.
    I agree with doing what you can and not worrying if you measure up to others. As someone else mentioned, Martha Stewart herself said she is not "Martha Stewart". She has staff to assist her with pretty much most of her projects. Don't we all wish! :)