Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Little "Tree"

I bought this gold, wired tree, which most likely now be considered 'hipster',  quite a few years ago at Crate and Barrel. After some good natured teasing by some loving friends who asked where we would put our child's presents since he must learn the "deception of Santa", I figured it was a safe idea to put up our little tree. Last year I had done it but it was a constant ornament chase festival and this year he seemed even more obsessed with the ornaments on our friends tree. In the end I figured if he breaks something, so what? Most of it is unbreakable and while there are one or two sentimental ornaments, it is not the end of the world if we lost them to excited little hands.

Behold our little beauty.

It was the best shot I could get and yes it sort of reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree and I love that. Your eyes are not playing games, that is a batman ornament and a menorah up front next to a snow globe. We are multicultural in these digs okay?

Our son loves the snow globe as it plays music and lights up. He also has a snow globe ornament that is silent, but changes color and it is very pretty.

I cannot hook lights up because the outlet near by is pretty loose so no lights for this year. Once the contractor comes back to do the upstairs bathroom, I will probably ask him to fix that outlet and make it more secure and then look out next year!!

Hope you all had a good weekend.



  1. Hello MissFifi!
    Your tree is wonderful!
    Just had a conversation w/a young mom on Saturday; she was telling me how her 8 year old is at the age where he is not believing in Santa, but her four year old still does. Oh I miss having young ones around. It's just not the same without the wonderment of children at this time of year.

  2. It is impressive how our son just marvels at wreaths and lights. It takes me back to that innocent time as well.
    Santa is sort of understood here, but not yet. I have a feeling next year he will grasp it fully LOL