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I'm So Glad We've Had This Time Together

Seems our furry friends have gone and met their maker. Not a one of them was caught in the snap traps which means they ate their fill of the bait boxes, which also means I have little mice carcasses in my walls. This is exactly what I wanted to avoid. I hope they decompose and don't smell, but I am sure one a warm spring day I may know just where they are. Now that is all kinds of awesome.
My husband already knows if I smell it, he will have to cut the drywall and remove it. I can only hope they perished outside, but what are the chances?
The exterminator comes back on the 17th for a follow up so I guess I can bombard him with any questions I have then.

I thought I would share a few articles I have read and found interesting, infuriating or just outright enjoyed.

Ireland's "New Poor" Need Food Banks to Eat - Wouldn't be nice if people made enough money so food banks became obsolete? Sadly, this is not the case.

Being an 'Elephant Mom' in the Time of the Tiger Mother - I agree with some of the author's points. I like letting our little guy just be a kid, but I still think they need to learn "no" before age 5. At the end of the day, you have to do what works for you though,

The World's Most Stunning Sea Caves

The Not Naturally Organized Parent's Guide to the Holidays - This article does not just apply to parents. It is for anyone who gets immensely stressed over the holidays. Perhaps it is time to break with "tradition" and do something you and your family will enjoy and remember as opposed to doing it just because. Some people may be shocked to learn that kids don't find presents the best thing about Christmas.



  1. We have mice die in the walls, under the floors, etc., all the time. You normally will smell it soon even in cold weather---You won't have to wait until spring. Never ever would we cut a hole in the wall to remove them. While absolutely atrocious, the smell lasts only so long. You just deal with it. It would be almost impossible anyway to find exactly where it comes from. The mouse will decay into dust in not too long as well. Luckily most mice here have been under the house or in walls and not running around the house proper leaving little 'gifts'! Just one of those things when you live in the country.... Once we had one die under the floor at where would be the head of our bed---(And no access). It was so awful I made little cheesecloth bags with cinnamon and herbs and put them on our pillows for a few days!
    I used to get them in our one closet before we patched all cracks and holes. I was single then. I used to get up in the middle of the night and sneak up on them sitting on a hanger, yes, this IS true, and pick them up by their tails and toss them out the back door. LOL, I am pretty sure I had owls waiting near by!

    1. I bet the owls adored you!!!!!

      I have made peace with mice carcasses. Let's hope it is not too bad. Thanks for letting me know what happened in your house. I do like the pillow satchet idea.

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