Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Change in Eating

I have begun eating homemade oatmeal for breakfast once again. See, when I got pregnant the taste of oatmeal made me want to toss my cookies so I had ceased to eat it. I tried it after I had our son, but it still grossed me out.

Recently I had a really bad episode of a sugar crash. I had only eaten two chocolate chip scones and was out with my son who decided to pitch a fit in a store so I carried him out. I ended up tripping over a curb and we both crashed down. (My son hit his head on sidewalk. That was nice and terrifying for him and me. We took him to the doctor and all was well.) As I stood up to make sure he was okay since he hit his head, I became light headed, my heart started to race and I thought I would pass out. I somehow got us to our car and sat in the driver seat. holding him and called my husband telling him I could not drive. I shoved a chocolate croissant in my mouth, yeah not to smart but it was all I had, and met my hubby at dr's office because after a few minutes I was fine, more sugar, and wanted to get my son there ASAP.

This whole experience and a conversation with a friend who is a medical professional made me sit back and realize that I have not been treating my body as well as I should have. Sure I don't exercise as much as I used to and need to get that back on track, but eating wise? Holy carb/sugar overload!! My only really good meal had been at dinner and sorry, just having vegetables once a day is pretty bad. Especially when you consider I am a pescetarian!! On an aside, my favorite snack is a handful of walnuts and some cheese. I figured because I did that I was outweighing the crappy breakfast choice. Denial. A beautiful thing.

That same day I decided it was time to finally cut back as much sugar intake as possible. I have avoided eating any sweets, which is a miracle if you know me at all, and I am careful to either have rice or bread not both when say, we eat an Indian meal.

This is actually a good thing.

I have had high cholesterol for years and no matter how much I cut out cheese per doctor's orders, the numbers would not go down too significantly. There have been studies down to suggest that sugar causes an inflammatory response in some people. I am betting I am one of those folks. I am usually very bloated and that has begin to subside and my quick temper has also. I am curious to see what happens when I do go for a blood test again. If the numbers are high, that will confirm it is strictly genetic. That sucks because then I will need to go on meds which I keep trying to avoid. But if numbers go down, well then, sugar it was.

Now, back to my oatmeal. I add ground flax seed, cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey. I find I enjoy this very much now and am happy that I can have a more filling breakfast instead of eating two scones and maybe a piece of toast.

I am concerned about the holidays, though I was a small party the other night and avoided eating any displayed sweets and ended up devouring a bunch of bell pepper slices. (Who am I???)

Also, I am not one of those people who believes carbs are evil. Please, I am Italian. But moderation with food has never been my norm. A few years back I had consulted a nutritionist to help with my cholesterol problem and she hammered into my head that portions are a big deal. No, you don't need two helpings, just one. You can have a scone, but only one, etc. I have seriously strayed from that, but have come back in the last few days. Lifestyle changes are usually not easy, but this time around I feel like this is it. I had been wanting to cut down to the point of cutting out sugar and thanks to a sugar crash, I have. Our bodies talk to us, we just need to listen. How hippy dippy is that?! But it is true and we all know it. Now go forth and eat.

For tonight's dinner, I will be making: White Bean Chili from GirlMakesFood.


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