Friday, November 7, 2014

Welcome to the End of the Week

My hasn't it been a busy one? You do your normal and then have a bunch of extras thrown in. It is nice to be busy and it is also nice to have a moment to sit and breathe.

Last night I finished reading a friend's book and gave my two cents. She is in the process of editing and cleaning it up before sending over to an agent and asked if I would look it over. I am happy that I actually enjoyed the story and that she was willing to let me comment. I must say, I cannot wait for the day where I send my novel to an agent, but patience, patience right?

I have been roasting or pan frying most of our vegetables and have also begun drying fennel fronds. Seems a shame to throw them into the composter if I can use them.

I rearranged and cleaned out my spice cabinet area and the pantry where most of our dry goods are. Amazing how balsamic vinegar bottles leave dark rings everywhere.

Last year I sold same knitted neck warmers at a craft show in Ohio. Basically, a friend is from there, she goes home for Turkey Day and her and her mom and sis-in-law open their home and sell their wares. I made $60 last year which made me chipper. I got a text the other day to see if I was interested in doing it again and I said yes, so I have begun knitting like a maniac. FYI - My right wrist is on fire and hates me.

The leaves are almost all off the trees. Sad really. Felt like summer was so short. Got a nice shot of one of our favorite tress on the side of the house earlier this week. It just started dropping its leaves in abundance yesterday, but look how stunning it was a few days ago.

Can't believe it is November already! Ah well, we say that every year. Like it crept up on us, but man it feels like it really has this time around. Enjoy all the food!


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