Saturday, November 22, 2014


We have mice.

This is not acceptable.

I have found droppings in my pantry and they ate through a Mylar bag of my oats.

Little bastards.

I get it. We live in the country. It is cold. They need food. But I have a small child. And a dog. And me and my hubby.

Piss off little fur balls.

It absolutely grosses me out that I have vermin in my walls. This never happened when we had cats and now we are seriously considering getting another one. We did want to wait awhile, but this may change things. For now my husband has filled any possible cracks in the pantry with steel wool and covered it with duct tape. This of course is after a removed said droppings they correct way, dabbing at them with a wet paper towel to prevent little clouds of Bubonic Plague germs from shooting into the air, and sprayed with Lysol. I don't know why I think that will even do anything, but it made me feel better. We have also found droppings underneath the kitchen sink so we need to figure out how to block that area too since the prior owners cut a hole for the pipes the size of Africa.

Dumb asses.

I know you are thinking, "Call and exterminator", but I have read conflicting things on that. Why am I going to pay someone to tell me to set traps and plug up holes? We can do that and if all else fails, then I might, MIGHT, let you someone in my home with some toxic spray. I worry more about having dead mice carcasses in my wall because that will attract a different kind of pest. So we are hoping if we make said food source unavailable, they will retreat to a much more attractive home.

Next stop is Tractor Supply where we will be purchasing a 12 pack or two of mason jars to put any and all dry goods into safe keeping. Most of our food is in jars already, but I do have dried beans and pasta and sugar and they are just waiting for the mice to discover them.

So that is the excitement here. Mice have been discovered and cats are being considered. Mother Nature always has the upper hand don't she?



  1. Try the humane traps worked twice for us. Use peanut butter the go mad for it

  2. It is amazing how many times I have read that peanut butter is the go to as the tempting treat. Will do if I have to get the traps!