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What I Am Reading and Watching

I am trying my best to read more books. Why? Because I have always loved to read and with technology making all sorts of info easy to obtain via the internet and me having a very active almost three year old, well, holding a real book is somewhat a welcome reprieve.

The graphic novel Watchmen may not appeal to everyone, but writer Alan Moore has an incredible gift for storytelling. This particular story is brutal, ugly, real and intense. The colorist and inker brought his characters and words to life in the perfect way as well. Very impressive.

Smoke and Mirrors;  A short story collection by Neil Gaiman. This is from 1998 and I ordered this from the library with good reason. Recently Mr. Gaiman's latest children's book, The Sleeper and The Spindle, created all sorts of hullababloo because of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White having a kiss. When I saw him speak he apologized to the gay community because the one photo from the story had been taken out of context. This is NOT an LGBT representation of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and he felt like people were being misled. Anyway, reading about that book on some website, someone mentioned a story called, "Snow, Glass, Apples" and how it disturbed them to this day. I looked it up, saw it was in Smoke and Mirrors and got the book. The story is a retelling of Snow White from the viewpoint of the Queen. I have to agree, if you read it, it could mess up the whole Disney way of telling the Grimm story for a lifetime. I still cannot get over the last few pages. There is a website called "The Dreaming" that has the story online. You cannot link to it because the story was used for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund which Neil is a big part of so I respect and understand. I would suggest that you either look the story up yourself or go to the library. This is not a faint of heart story in the least. You have been warned.

Later on today I am going to pick up another book I ordered from the library. It is a memoir called I'll Drink To That: A Life In Style, With A Twist. It was written by Betty Halbreich, the 86 year old personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman's for the last 40 years. I am really looking forward to reading this!!

Someone suggested I watch the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun". I hemmed and hawed and finally watched it because Netflix will be removing it on November 1.
Now, I blame my hormones here, but I teared up and got emotional more than once. Views of Florence? Sob. Views of Positano? Sob, sob. I have been to Italy so I am not complaining about things I may have missed, but I do miss the country to the point where there are times I think about it in a Utopian sense which is dangerous. No place is perfect, but for vacation, Italy is it in my mind.

Diane Lane's character is a writer who goes to Italy, at the behest of friends, after her marriage falls apart. That is all I am telling you, but I will say, I operate under a very heavy delusion that if I had a villa, like in the movie, to go focus on writing my novel, then I would be done and all would be right with the world.
Drama comes easy to me. I was born under the sign of Cancer and I am an unpublished writer. You pity those around me, eh? Hee hee hee.

So that is it for me my friends, hope you all have some good reading or movie watching to do yourself and I will let you know what is next in my queue and when I get there.



  1. Fifi, if you like re-conceived (is that even a word? re_configured?) fairy tales, I recommend Juliett Marillier's "Sevenwaters" series (I have only read the first three, though)

  2. Ahhhh more to add to my ever growing reading list LOL Thank you!


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