Thursday, September 11, 2014


September has come and brought us a heatwave. Now she is giving us fall temperatures. No wonder all of our plants are so darn confused! Trees have begun to drop some leaves and it makes me sort of sad.

This is the last of my garden. I will miss it when it has completely given itself back to the earth.

Below are some "just blooming now" marigolds. The seeds are from the Alhambra in Spain and were a gift. I adore the colors and hope they come back next year from whatever deadheads go into the ground.

We have decided that we shall be adding a second garden and with a mix of flowers vegetables. This means I have already made a wishlist on Victory Seeds and am promising myself that I will plan the layout of the garden better. The current garden will stay as a full on flower garden and my fingers are crossed that all those perennials will self seeds like mad. Of course I am going to add compost this weekend to help nurture that ground and in the spring, buy a $5.00 bag of ewe poo from the local creamery.

I enjoy the fall, but I will miss my summer blooms. It was my first year attempting anything from seed and I have to say it was easier than I thought it would be, even with the few fails.

In other exciting news, our little one started preschool back at the co-op this week. Just 2 days for 2 hours. They are transitioning them right now so it is not the regular full 2 hours until next Thursday. The teacher is nice and the kids are sweet, there are just 8 of them which is wonderful and two of them he had been in the Mommy and me program so that is a big plus. He seems to enjoy it, except I noticed a few hours ago that he is coughing a lot and has the sniffles. Ahh the joy of immersion into the giant petri dish known as school. Kids are walking virus and bacterial machines.  Let no one tell you different. God love the little booger heads.


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