Thursday, September 18, 2014

Binge? What Binge?

While a lot has been going on here, the usual housewife-y, I am a repressed novel writer, get kid to preschool stuff. I have somehow found a way to watch episodes of a show called "Supernatural". I am incredibly late to this party, but how have I not seen this before?!?!? Can I say I love it even though I am still in season 1? Yes, yes I can.

Demons, Urban legends, mystery, all sorts of awesome!! These two brothers, Sam and Dean, are "Hunters" of all things supernatural. Their mother was murdered when they were young by some unknown being and since I am a Wikipedia cheater, I know exactly by how and what as well as everything that is happening up to Season 9. I can do that and still be excited to watch it all unfold.
Normally I am hooked into some BBC brilliance, currently The Aristocrats miniseries is on my plate and very good as well, but "Supernatural" is a nice change of pace content wise.

Now here is the best part. I am going to share why I started watching "Supernatural". Pinterest. Yes Pinterest. Somehow I ended up on a page where there were nothing but pictures of the two actors who play the leads, Sam and Dean. Of course there were various comments under certain pictures and memes made in regards to certain things about the show. It piques my interest and I decided I would give it a shot. Netflix had also recommended it to me and at this point I figure,d "Why not?"  So there it is. The power of Pinterest ladies and gentlemen, it can get you. ;-)



  1. I love binge-watching shows. The last I binge-watched was "Haven" on Netflix. Another good one - Hell on Wheels!

    Enjoy!!! And I'll check Supernatural out - haven't seen that one yet.

  2. Netflix is pure distraction and I love it. LOL

    Now I will have to add the ones you mentioned.

    1. Watch "Hell on Wheels" before "Haven" "Hell on Wheels" is what I as am American (only recently) wish that all long term Americans were like.