Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Few More House Projects Done

Isn't it lovely when you can check off the list of ever growing things one must take care of around the casa?

My hubby decided he was up for another project while on vacation so he made a version of these DIY Nautical looking shelves for our pink bathroom. Now, while I loathe that bathroom it will be quite sometime before we can afford to fix it up so I bought a new hideously bright and colorful shower curtain, thank you IKEA, and he made the pretty poplar shelf. Honestly, it makes the sad, poorly built room look much nicer. He was going to paint it, but I like the natural look.

I want to add a decorative something on the top shelf, just not sure what yet.

Next we have a very loooooooooooooooong living room. Original owners knocked down a wall and framing for an old, tiny bedroom and hence, you could probably park two cars in here. This also makes it a layout nightmare. One wall over the couch has three giant Charlie Harper posters. Then there is a beam and a blank wall. We have not been able to figure out what to put there. Recently my husband decided a desk would be a good idea. While we wanted to get one in a particular style, we had one already so we brought it down from the guest room and placed it against the wall. Still, what to do about the blank space? I suggested a mirror, but hubby was not feeling that. Then he saw a set up at IKEA where you have this wire connected to a curtain rod and hang artwork. Done. We had extra curtain rods since we have been converting most of the window treatments to roman shades. He put it up and I scrounged around for art we have that I have been wanting to hang. Love it! I still think a mirror above this, all dramatic and gothicky, will work, so we shall see in time.

 *Artists from l to r: PinkyToast, A German Poster for The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, and Lori Earley

I wish I could afford an original Lori Earley, but that is not happening at this moment.

These next two are at the top of our stairs. The top oil painting was done by our fabulous friend, Nancy. She based it on the character of Mrs Trotter, played by Gemma Jones, in The Duchess of Duke Street. The bottom one I did a few years back and I stuffed the dress with fill to keep the body and those are pages from the novel "Cousin Bette". Can you guess that I am a frustrated artist on many levels? C'est la vie!

And that is just some of the stuff we have gotten done kiddos. Also, I recently relocated some plants and they seem to be doing well. Hooray for this gardener!


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